Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Information for Graduate Brothers

Voluntary Graduate Dues

Regular voluntary graduate dues are currently $50 annually.

In Autumn 2006, new levels of graduate dues were established to reward our generous graduates: The Silver Level, Gold Level, and Platinum Level. These new levels satisfy all graduate dues obligations to the fraternity. Graduate brothers will receive a subscription to The Mask with all voluntary graduate dues payments.
Regular Level - $50 annually
Silver Level - $99 annually
Gold Level - $250 annually
Platinum Level - $500 annually

The original Ninety-Niner's Club has been designated the Silver Level. With the Silver Level of support, the Benefactor receives their name listed on this website, a Kappa Psi Lapel Pin, and -- with every third year of Silver Level-giving -- a Kappa Psi Recognition Pin.

With the Gold Level of support, the Benefactor receives their name listed on this website  and a custom-designed Metallic Pen featuring the Kappa Psi Coat-of-Arms.

With the Platinum Level of support, the Benefactor receives their name listed on this website a and an Official Badge of Kappa Psi.

Graduate Referral Program and Survey

The Graduate Referral Program connects our alumni with graduate chapters in their area. The Graduate Referral Program is administered by the Graduate Member-at-Large. The Kappa Psi website has an online survey available for graduate brothers to complete to offer feedback.

The following paragraphs were originally written by Dr. E. Ben Welch

From personal experience, I can tell you in one word that the key to establishing a Graduate Chapter is persistence!

You need to put someone in charge who will not take "no" for an answer. A brother who will pester the brothers with letters and phone calls about meetings and upcoming events. Someone who will talk to the collegiate brothers and stress that Kappa Psi does not end with graduation.

Here are a few tips that may help:
  • To get a mailing list, send your request to the Central Office with the zip codes of the brothers you need.
  • After you get the mailing list, send out an introductory letter explaining that you would like to start a graduate chapter in this area. If you ask for money, only ask for small amounts like $10 or $20, just enough to get started and to meet the chapter's financial obligations.
  • Response may not be great, but just remember to be persistent and try again. Use the telephone. Use the Kappa Psi International Group. Use The Mask. Use your state pharmaceutical association's newsletter.
  • After things have progressed and you have some active paying members, schedule graduate chapter events that coincide with the Collegiates. This is a good way for the undergrads to see proof that you can remain active in Kappa Psi after graduation and is the best way to recruit future members.
  • Once established, the graduate chapter can have Grad t-shirts printed or other apparel that the graduate members can wear and use to promote their chapter.