Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Dear Brothers,
The Collegiate Development Committee (CDC) is excited to announce that the Fraternity has purchased a GoToWebinar subscription!
What does that mean for you? With this new service, Brothers will be able to communicate more effectively with other Brothers from anywhere. You can utilize this service to give presentations complete with handouts, surveys, and polls (like the CDC's Webinar series) and hold conference calls where users have the ability to share their screens with each other, all through your computer or through a phone app.
How do you take advantage of this service? Here are the steps you need to take:
1) View Availability
2) E-mail top 3 time/ date preferences to the Collegiate Member at Large ( The CMAL will e-mail you back to confirm your slot and will set up the call/presentation. The CMAL will also ask you for details (e.g. if there will be any polls that need to be set up, who will need the webinar invite, etc.).
3) Familiarize yourself with how to use GoToWebinar by looking at resources, such as training videos and documents, available at these links:
How-To Videos   |   Guides
The CMAL is also available to guide you through the process and can do a test run with you if needed.
That's it! I hope you take advantage of this great service that many other pharmacy organizations already utilize! Please e-mail any questions, feedback, comments, or suggestions to