Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


37th Grand Council Convention

Kansas City, Missouri
Sunday-Wednesday, August 11-14, 1974 

Convention Chairman

Mr. William Fitzpatrick

Host Hotel

Continental Hotel


Total Attendance: 135
124 Brothers (70 Collegiates & 54 Graduates), 11 Guests
54 Chapters (41 Collegiate & 13 Graduate), 6 Provinces


There were 135 brothers and 11 guests registered for the convention, representing 41 collegiate chapters, 13 graduate chapters and 6 provinces. The convention chairman was Mr. William A. Fitzpatrick, Third Grand Vice Regent (Gamma Pi) and was hosted by Gamma Theta Chapter. 



Convention Summary 

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Kansas City Royals baseball game, where the brothers enjoyed a great day of baseball, brotherhood, and a small amount of spirits.

The first general session on Monday was called to order by Grand Regent Dr. Norman Campbell. Welcoming remarks were given by Mr. Charles Wheeler, Jr., the Mayor of Kansas City and Dr. Donald Sorby, Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Missouri. The opening ritual was conducted and a number of Grand Officer reports were given.

The second general session continued after lunch with Grand Officer reports. After the break, the candidates for national office were introduced. The first workshop, conducted by members of the Executive Committee, "Kappa Psi - A Self Analysis" followed the introductions.

The third general session began at 7:30 that night. A discussion of needed Constitutional changes and proposed changes was conducted between the delegates and the Executive Committee.

The fourth general session on Tuesday morning was highlited with the keynote address given by Dr. Raymond A. Gosslin, President of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, entitled "Pharmacy and the Technician in National Health Care". Following this was a panel discussion concerned with Professional Areas in Pharmacy. The areas included; Retail: Robert Fisher, Clinical: Dewey Garner , Industrial: John Atkinson & Norman Kobayashi, and Education: Bruce Martin.

The fifth general session started with a panel discussion "Chapter Service Projects" with Epsilon, Mu, Beta Epsilon, Gamma Xi, Delta Theta, and Mu Omicron Pi serving as panel members. Election of National Officers concluded this session. The evening was capped by a trip to the Starlight Theater where the brothers enjoyed Dionne Warwicke and Roger Williams under the stars.

The sixth general session was called to order on Wednesday morning. Unfinished business, resolutions, and installation of the new officers was the order of business. That evening, the 95th Anniversary Banquet took place in the 6th floor ballroom. Pi Chapter was presented the Scholarship Tray Award.

Continuing Education and Workshops 

Workshop I

Kappa Psi - A Self Analysis


Workshop II

Professional Areas in Pharmacy


Workshop III

Chapter Service Projects




National Officer Nominations 

Election winners in boldface 
(2) - Elected by acclamation 
(3) - Withdrawn (elected to another office) 
(4) - Withdrawn prior to voting at convention 
(5) - Withdrawn prior to convention 
(6) - Nomination from the floor 
(7) - Not in attendance at convention


Grand Regent

Grand First Vice Regent

William Fitzpatrick

Benjamin Hershenson

John Atkinson

Jerome Delaney

David Moore

Richard Stephens

James Vacik

Grand Second Vice Regent

Grand Third Vice Regent

John Atkinson3

Frank Facione

William Fitzpatrick3

Richard Mole

James Vacik

Ronald Doyle

Bryant Fitzgerald

Donald Floriddia

Dewey Garner

Grand Counselor

Grand Historian

Jerome Delaney

John Kerege

Leo Schermeister

William Smith

David Forbes

Joseph Miletta

David Moore

Leonard Naeger

Grand Ritualist

Graduate Member at Large

Larry Slater

William Smith

Frank Facione

Donald Floriddia

Dewey Garner3

Chris Gong

Bruce Martin

Joseph Miletta

Richard Ross

Larry Slater3

E. Ben Welch



Awards Banquet Highlights Biennial Scholarship Lunch Highlights 

National Scholarship Tray Award





Constitutional and By-Law changes included raising the collegiate per capita fees from $1.50 to $1.75/month and graduate chapter dues to $100.00 annually. 





  1. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: this 37th Grand Council Conventions assembled extend a note of sincere appreciation to Brother William A. Fitzpatrick and his program committee, Brothers Naeger and Ingram, and to the host chapter Gamma Theta, their regent Brother Hartman and Brother Slater and to all others who participated in the arrangements for this convention. PASSED
  2. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Bosworth and his staff associated with the Continental Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri for trying to maintain the services necessary for a successful 37th Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  3. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: this 37th Grand Council Convention express sincere appreciation to our Grand Regent, Norman A. Campbell, and his Executive Committee for their conscientious and dedicated service to our Fraternity during the past two years. PASSED
  4. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: a personal communication from the Grand Regent be sent to all Past Grand Regents not in attendance at the 37th Grand Council Convention expressing the Brothers' regrets for their absence and requesting their continued interest and contribution to future fraternity endeavors.PASSED
  5. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the public relations committee of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity and each Province Satrap report a schedule of their major events to appropriate pharmaceutical journals. PASSED
  6. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Grand Council Deputy of each chapter submit a written summary of the chapter's activities at least twice during the academic year to the Province Supervisor, and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, these reports be submitted to the Executive Secretary for permanent file. PASSED
  7. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the 37th Grand Council Convention lend support to Gamma Xi in the area of helping Iota Chapter, which is having membership difficulty. PASSED
  8. WHEREAS, the membership of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is desirous of maintaining a position of fiscal solvency, and WHEREAS, a positive step in this direction would be the establishment of an acceptable accounting system, and WHEREAS, the proper means of attaining this accounting system would necessitate contracting with an outside accounting agency, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Executive Secretary be empowered to initiate such procedures as to insure fiscal reporting to the Grand Council. PASSED
  9. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Kappa Psi encourage each state to adopt mandatory continuing education as a requirement for relicensure. PASSED
  10. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the birthplace of our nation be the setting for the 38th Grand Council Convention in the year of our Nation's 200th Anniversary, 1976, to be hosted by Beta Omega, Eta, and the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter. PASSED
  11. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: henceforth and forever there will be allowed no consumption of alcoholic beverages during any of the sessions of Grand Council in convention assembled. PASSED
  12. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the 37th Grand Council direct the Executive Committee to discuss and adopt and enforce minimum standards regarding electioneering for national office in Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, at future Grand Council Conventions the election of national officers occur no earlier that the afternoon of the third full day of official convention sessions. PASSED
  13. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Executive Secretary shall include in his report to the 38th Grand Council Convention and to all future Grand Council Conventions, action taken on each Resolution approved at preceding Grand Council Conventions. PASSED



Hotel and Convention Registration Rates 


Advanced Registration

On-site Registration













Continental Hotel

Special Daily Hotel Rates











Convention Favor(s) 


Silver money clip


The brothers of Kappa Psi wish to extend a special thanks to the following companies for their support of the Grand Council Convention:

Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Ciba, Davol, Inc., Dorsey Laboratories, Dow Chemicals, Eli Lilly and Company, The Emko Company, Geigy Pharmaceuticals, Hallmark Greeting Cards, Kayser-Roth Hosiery Co., KAZ, Inc., Lewis-Howe Co., Merrell-National Laboratories, Menley-James, The Purdue Frederick Co., Roche Laboratories, Roux Laboratories, Schmid Laboratories, E. R. Squibb & Sons, Stim-U-Dent Inc. 



Program of Events 


Sunday, August 11th
8:00am    Exec. Committee Meeting
Noon   Registration
8:00pm    Cocktail Party - Country Club

Monday, August 12th
8:30am    Registration
9:00am    First General Session
Noon   Lunch Break
2:00pm   Second General Session
5:30pm    Dinner
7:30pm    Third General Session

Tuesday, August 13th
8:30am   Registration
9:00am    Fourth General Session
11:30am   Lunch Break
1:30pm   Fifth General Session
5:30pm   Dinner
7:30pm    Starlight Theater

Wednesday, August 14th
8:30am   Registration
9:00am    Sixth General Session
2:00pm   Exec. Committee Meeting
7:00pm   95th Anniversary Banquet


Webmaster's Note: This article was originally written by Brother Dr. E. Ben Welch, for the Kappa Psi website.