Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


38th Grand Council Convention

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sunday-Wednesday, July 4-7, 1976 

Convention Chairman

Mr. John Atkinson

Hosted By

EtaBeta OmegaPhiladelphia Graduate

Host Hotel

Holiday Inn Penn Center


Total Attendance: 240
217 Brothers (151 Collegiates & 66 Graduates), 23 Guests


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity met at the Holiday Inn-Penn Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the 38th Grand Council Convention from July 4th through 7th, hosted by Eta, Beta Omega, and the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter. The convention was attended by over 240 collegiate and graduate brothers, many of whom came early and stayed late to enjoy the historical sites. 


Convention Committees and Officials 


** Denotes the Chairperson(s)


Leonard Naeger**


Jerome Delaney


Dewey Garner**



Convention Summary 

The festivities surrounding the bicentennial had a fantastic beginning with a midnight fireworks display at Valley Forge and later above the city on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, July 3rd, there was a ceremony at Carpenter's Hall, and on July 4th with President Gerald Ford presiding, a six-hour celebration parade in the rain took place. Other social events included an evening of baseball with the Phillies, and the social enjoyment of visiting the local chapters fraternity houses.

Other Convention Officals

Nominations Committee: Dr. Louis Fischer 
Registration Committee: Mr. John Viercinski (Beta Omega) and Mr. Bob Carol (Eta) 



National Officer Nominations 

Election winners in boldface 
(2) - Elected by acclamation 
(3) - Withdrawn (elected to another office) 
(4) - Withdrawn prior to voting at convention 
(5) - Withdrawn prior to convention 
(6) - Nomination from the floor 
(7) - Not in attendance at convention


Grand Regent

Grand First Vice Regent

John Atkinson

William Fitzpatrick

Benjamin Hershenson

Dewey Garner

Benjamin Hershenson

James Vacik

Grand Second Vice Regent

Grand Third Vice Regent

Frank Facione

Peter Feeney

Dewey Garner3

James Vacik

Patrick Wells

Chris Gong

Paul Knecht

Joseph Miletta

Patrick Wells3

Grand Counselor

Grand Historian

Jerome Delaney

Joseph Miletta3

William Smith

Leonard Naeger

Larry Slater

Grand Ritualist

Graduate Member at Large

Jerome Delaney3

Rinaldo DeNuzzo

Larry Slater

Paul Knecht

Michael Smith

William Smith



Awards Banquet Highlights Biennial Scholarship Lunch Highlights 

National Scholarship Tray Award





Constitutional and By-Law changes were implemented to bring the Fraternity into compliance with Title IX. 





  1. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: this 38th Grand Council Assembled extend a note of sincere appreciation to Brother John Atkinson and his program committee; Wayne Marquardt, Dominic Solimando and Mrs. John Atkinson, Jr., and to the host chapters; Beta Omega, Eta, and the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter, their Regents, Brothers John Viercinski, Bob Carol and David Novitsky; and to all others who participated in the arrangements for this convention. PASSED
  2. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Paul Carolan, Director of Sales, and Mr. William Axness, Banquet Director, and their staff associated with the Holiday Inn Penn Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for maintaining the services necessary for a successful 38th Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  3. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: this 38th Grand Council Convention express sincere appreciation to our Grand Regent, William A. Fitzpatrick, and his Executive Committee for their conscientious and dedicated service to our Fraternity during the past two years. PASSED
  4. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: a personal communication from the Grand Regent be sent to all Past Grand Regents not in attendance at the 38th Grand Council Convention expressing the Brothers' regrets for their absence and requesting their continued interest and contribution to future Fraternity endeavors.PASSED
  5. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: at all future Grand Council Conventions the individual's name, chapter affiliation and school be inscribed on the official registration badge. PASSED
  6. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: this 38th Grand Council Convention assembled express sincere appreciation to Brother Norman Kobayshi for his most successful efforts in improving the quality and value of The MASK as the official organ of Kappa Psi. PASSED
  7. WHEREAS, the pharmacist is the most knowledgeable member of the medical team in relation to drugs, their uses, indications, contraindications, dosage and administration, and WHEREAS, the pharmacist should be the sole source of medicine for the patients, and WHEREAS, the practice of physician dispensing of manufacturers' samples removes the pharmacist from the patient as a source of medicine, and WHEREAS, the concept of a Complimentary Prescription whereby the patient has a prescription filled by a pharmacist at no cost to the patient and whereby the pharmacist is paid his normal and customary fee for the prescription by a third party, places the pharmacist in the position of being the source of medication, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity endorse the concept of Complimentary Prescriptions calling for an initial or starting quantity of a medication in lieu of the practice of physicians' dispensing of samples, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: the complimentary Prescription Service of Phoenix, Arizona, the APhA, NARD, ACA and similar organizations be advised of this action. PASSED
  8. WHEREAS, recent decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States and personal comments made by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, are detrimental to the integrity and professional stature of the Nation's pharmacists, and WHEREAS, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, the Nation's Largest Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity, should be the leader in responding to these offensive attacks, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: an informative letter of disapproval be drafted and sent to Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. PASSED
  9. BE IT RESOLVED THAT, all candidates for National office address the delegates attending the Grand Council prior to election, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: presentations by candidates not exceed five minutes, followed by questions from the delegates. PASSED
  10. WHEREAS, Gamma Chapter has become inactive with the closing of the Columbia college of Pharmacy, and WHEREAS, Omega Chapter has become inactive because of their inability to recruit new members due to a physical reconstruction of the Rutger's University School of Pharmacy, and WHEREAS, Province II has been reduced to the four active undergraduate chapters of Pennsylvania, THEREFORE: BE IT RESOLVED THAT: a committee shall be appointed by the Grand Regent to investigate and report on the feasibility of the revision of the entire province structure, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: a final report be submitted not later than six months following approval of this resolution by the 38th Grand Council. PASSED
  11. WHEREAS, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity's 100th Anniversary Grand Council Convention in 1979 should be held in an atmosphere which is both productive and socially attractive to the largest number of Kappa Psi Brothers, and WHEREAS, the Scottsdale-Phoenix area has a casual, relaxed resort atmosphere, where organized activities such as golf, tennis, barbecues, etc., are possible at the convention, and WHEREAS, hotel accommodations in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area of Arizona can be guaranteed to Kappa Psi for 1979 at rates lower than have been experienced in the past, THEREFORE: BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the 38th Grand Council Convention assembled recommend to the Executive Committee that the 39th Grand Council Convention be held in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area. PASSED
  12. WHEREAS, The Central Office has in the past allocated $100.00 to the host chapter for the Kappa Psi exhibit at the APhA Convention, and WHEREAS, from experience, this is totally inadequate, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Executive Committee be directed to look into the possibility of increasing the allocation. PASSED
  13. WHEREAS, there exists a need because of Title IX for communication among professional pharmaceutical fraternities, THEREFORE: BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Executive Committee be directed to take the initiative and establish a joint committee of the professional fraternities to deal with Title IX compliance on a unified front. PASSED
  14. BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Executive Secretary shall include in his report to the 39th Grand Council Convention action taken on each resolution approved at the 38th Grand Council Convention. PASSED



Hotel and Convention Registration Rates 


Advanced Registration

On-site Registration













Holiday Inn Penn Center

Special Daily Hotel Rates











Convention Favor(s) 


Commemorative Pewter Plate
Approximately 5.5



Program of Events 


Sunday, July 4th
10:00am      Registration
7:00pm      Exec. Committee Meeting
7:00pm     Reception
9:45pm     38th GCC Opening Ritual

Monday, July 5th
8:00am     Registration
8:30am      First General Session
Noon     Lunch
1:15pm     Second General Session
Free Evening    Beta Omega Open House

Tuesday, July 6th
8:00am      Registration
8:30am      Third General Session
Noon     Women's luncheon
Noon      Luncheon of Past Grand Regents & Exec. Committee
1:30pm      Fourth General Session
3:00pm      Dean's Look at Pharmacy's Future - Panel Discussion
Free Evening   Phillies vs Dodges baseball game
      Eta Open House

Wednesday, July 7th
8:00am     Registration
8:30pm      Fifth General Session
Noon     Exec. Committee Luncheon
1:00pm      Bus Tour - Valley Forge State Park
6:00pm      97th Anniversary Banquet


Webmaster's Note: This article was originally written by Brother Dr. E. Ben Welch, for the Kappa Psi website.