Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


44th Grand Council Convention

"Kappa Psi Brotherhood - Our Spirit Unites Us"

Williamsburg, Virginia
Saturday-Thursday, August 5-10, 1989 

Convention Chairman

Dr. Edward Sypniewski

Hosted By

Theta, Virginia Graduate

Host Hotel

Williamsburg Hilton


Total Attendance: 175
160 Brothers (113 Collegiates & 47 Graduates), 15 Guests


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. met at the Williamsburg Hilton in Williamsburg, Virginia for the 44th Grand Council Convention from August 5th through August 9th. The Convention Chairman was Dr. Edward Sypniewski and was hosted by Theta and Virginia Graduate Chapters. 



Convention Summary 

Grand Regent Dr. Ken Roberts presided over the 44th Grand Council Convention. At the opening session on Saturday evening, Past Grand Regent Dr. Dewey D. Garner delivered a very warm and inspiring Key Note Address entitled, "Brotherhood - Coast to Coast". After the introduction of the candidates for international office, The York Fife and Drum Corps entered the President's Hall and led the assembly to the Poolside Welcoming Party.

Sunday morning's program consisted of committee and officer reports. Two continuing education programs and two workshops comprised the afternoon session. A Grand Council Deputy Workshop and a Graduate Brother Reception were held in the evening with entertainment provided by the Colonial Balladiers.

Monday morning's Third General Session was highlited by an inspiring presentation by pharmacist entertainer, Mr. Robert Henry entitled, "I Love Pharmacy - Let Me Tell You About It." The afternoon was open for trips to Busch Gardens - The Old Country, Water Country USA, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown Victory Center, Jamestown Festival Park, Williamsburg Pottery and Virginia Beach.

Tuesday was a free day for the brothers and families to continuing visiting all the wonderful historical sites and amusement parks. A dessert reception was held in the late evening with Brother Roger Miller of Kansas, a magician, performing "The Magic of Pharmacy."

Wednesday's activities included the third continuing education workshop, resolutions, Constitution and By-law considerations, and the election of international officers.

The convention concluded with the 110th Anniversary and Awards Banquet. Mrs. Charmaine Magarian was honored as a Kappa Psi Sweetheart for ten years of loyal service as Administrative Assistant. Brother Jeffrey Lee (Psi) was presented the Frank H. Eby Award. Psi was presented the 1988 National Scholarship Tray Award.

The newly elected officers were installed by Past Grand Regent, Ken Roberts. Grand Regent Smith gave a short acceptance speech and the "golden bow" was then untied. The brothers returned to their respective chapters with a renewed vision and spirit of enthusiasm for the Fraternity.

Registration Committee 
Gregory Tolbert, Randy Wampler, Ron Bennett, Frank Blondino

Hospitality Committee 
Tommy Thompson, Gregg Draves, Leonard Jones

Program Committee 
James Stubbins, Michael Musulin

Credential Committee 
Charles Carden

Continuing Education and Workshops 

C.E. I

New Cardiovascular Drugs

Edward Sypniewski


Impairment: The Health Professional's Role and Responsibility

Nathan Rawls


How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Kenneth Kirk

Workshop I

The Ritual Demonstration


Workshop II

The Mask


Workshop III

Drug Impairment


Workshop IV





International Officer Nominations 

Election winners in boldface 
(2) - Elected by acclamation 
(3) - Withdrawn (elected to another office) 
(4) - Withdrawn prior to voting at convention 
(5) - Withdrawn prior to convention 
(6) - Nomination from the floor 
(7) - Not in attendance at convention


Grand Regent

Grand Vice Regent

William Smith

Benjamin Hershenson

Kenneth Kirk

Johnny Porter

William Smith3

Grand Counselor

Grand Historian-Ritualist

Paul Hiller2

Dewey Garner

John Grossomanides

Lynette Weil

Graduate Member at Large

Collegiate Member at Large

Kevin Boyd

John Grossomanides

Kirsten Rogne

Edward Sypniewski

Sue Ellen Wygul

Brian Furbush

Stephen Naeger

Eddie Underwood



Awards Banquet Highlights Biennial Scholarship Lunch Highlights 

Frank H. Eby Award

Jeffrey Lee (Psi)

National Scholarship Tray Award





Constitutional Amendement was passed to split the office of Grand Historian-Ritualist effective at the 45th Grand Council Convention. 





  1. WHEREAS, leadership of Kappa Psi involves a strong commitment of time, as well as personal sacrifice, and WHEREAS, Grand Regent Ken Roberts and the Members of the Executive Committee have worked diligently to advance the Fraternity, BE IT RESOLVED that the 44th Grand Council in session assembled extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Grand Regent Roberts and the Executive Committee for their contribution to our Beloved Order. PASSED
  2. WHEREAS, every effort has been made to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for the 44th Grand Council Convention, BE IT RESOLVED that the 44th Grand Council in session assembled, extends its sincere appreciation to Brother Edward Sypniewski and his staff as well as the Brothers of Theta and Virginia Graduate Chapters for their contributions to the success of this Convention. PASSED
  3. WHEREAS, hotel accommodations and meeting facilities are the key to a successful meeting, BE IT RESOLVED that the 44th Grand Council in session assembled, acknowledges the efforts of the staff of the Williamsburg Hilton for maintaining the services necessary for the successful 44th Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  4. WHEREAS, the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity hosts Grand Council Conventions at resort areas, BE IT RESOLVED that this policy continue so as to attract the utmost number of delegates. FAILED
  5. WHEREAS, the History of Kappa Psi is important to the Fraternity, BE IT RESOLVED that The Central Office make old copies of the MASK available to interested individuals or chapters. FAILED
  6. WHEREAS, some members who attend a Grand Council Convention do not have a room, BE IT RESOLVED that the Convention Committee attempt to place those who need roommates with those who request it. FAILED
  7. WHEREAS, due to the significance and honor of the Scholarship Tray Award, and WHEREAS, in the year of the Grand Council does not meet, the winning chapter does not receive the proper recognition deserving of such an honor, BE IT RESOLVED that the Grand Regent or other Grand Officer present the Tray to such chapters at an appropriate time. PASSED
  8. WHEREAS, the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity has many Collegiate Members who attend a Grand Council Convention, and WHEREAS, the Collegiate Members wish to socialize after hours, and WHEREAS, the Fraternity would like to promote interaction of Brothers, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fraternity Convention Chairman attempt to provide a room for social affairs. FAILED
  9. WHEREAS, since the audit of Kappa Psi occurs on the same year of a Grand Council Convention, and WHEREAS, this puts a hardship on The Central Office trying to get ready for two "happenings," BE IT RESOLVED that the audit start being held on the off years of a Grand Council Convention starting in 1990.WITHDRAWN
  10. WHEREAS, this is the 10th year of Mrs. Charmaine Magarian's loyal service to the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, BE IT RESOLVED that at the 109th Anniversary Banquet, Mrs. Magarian be honored as a Kappa Psi Sweetheart. PASSED
  11. WHEREAS, it is necessary for each delegate of the Grand Council Convention to know and understand the goals and credentials of each Grand Officer nominee in order to make appropriate voting decisions, and WHEREAS, time devoted to informing delegates of said goals and credentials has been limited in the past solely to optional courses and informal receptions, BE IT RESOLVED that starting with the 45th Grand Council Convention, each nominee in attendance be given a brief, specific amount of time during one of the General Sessions, to state credentials for obtaining said office, and gaols during the upcoming term. PASSED



Hotel and Convention Registration Rates 


Advanced Registration

On-site Registration













Williamsburg Hilton

Special Daily Hotel Rates











Convention Favor(s) 


Pewter Mug
Inscribed with the Coat-of-Arms


The brothers of Kappa Psi wish to extend a special thanks to the following companies for their support of the Grand Council Convention:

A. H. Robins Company, Osco Drug, Amgen, Parke Davis, Burroughs-Wellcome, Revco Discount Drug, Ciba-Geigy, Rite Aid Corporation, Dista Products Company, Roche Laboratories, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Company, Schering Corporation, G.D. Searle and Company, MCV School of Pharmacy, Glaxo, Inc., Smith Kline & French, Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Syntex Laboratories, Marion Laboratories, The Medicine Shoppe, Merck Sharp and Dohme, The Upjohn Company, Miles Pharmaceuticals, Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, McNeil Laboratories, Virginia Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation, Walgreen Company, Wyeth-Ayerst 



Program of Events 


Saturday, August 5th
Noon     Registration
Noon      Exec. Committee Luncheon
1:00pm      Exec. Committee Meeting
7:00pm     Opening General Session
9:00pm     Welcome Reception at Poolside

Sunday, August 6th
8:00am     Registration
9:00am      Second General Session
12:30am     Brunch at the Hilton
2:00pm      C.E. Program I
2:00pm      Workshop I - The Ritual
3:00pm     Workshop II - The MASK
3:00pm      C.E. Program II
5:00pm     Grand Council Deputy Workshop & Reception
6:00pm     Graduate Brothers Reception
7:30pm     Legislative Committee Hearing
9:00pm     Reception -President's Hall

Monday, August 7th
8:00am     Registration
9:00am      Third General Session
10:00am      C.E. Program III
10:00am     Workshop III
Noon      Lunch, Free Afternoon & Evening

Tuesday, August 8th
9:00pm      Desert Reception

Wednesday, August 9th
8:00am     Registration
9:00am      Fourth General Session
9:30am      C.E.Program IV
9:30am      Workshop IV
11:30am      Lunch (on your own)
1:00pm     Fifth General Session
7:00pm     Alpha Chapter Reception
8:00pm     110th Anniversary Banquet

Thursday, August 10th
9:00am      Exec. Committee Meeting
Noon     Exec. Committee Luncheon
1:30pm      Exec. Committee Meeting

Program of Events for Spouses and Children


Saturday, August 5th
6:00pm     Opening General Session
7:30pm     Welcoming Reception

Sunday, August 6th
Noon     Brunch at the Hilton
9:00pm      Indoor Reception

Monday, August 7th  
Free day

Tuesday, August 8th
9:00pm     Dessert Reception

Wednesday, August 9th
7:00pm      Alpha Chapter Reception
8:00pm     110th Anniversary Banquet


Webmaster's Note: This article was originally written by Brother Dr. E. Ben Welch, for the Kappa Psi website.