Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


46th Grand Council Convention

"Back to the Basics"

Marco Island, Florida
Saturday-Thursday, August 7-12, 1993 

Convention Chairman

Mr. Paul Hiller

Host Hotel

Marco Island Marriott Resort


Total Attendance: 301
261 Brothers (164 Collegiates & 97 Graduates), 40 Guests


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. met at the Marriott's Marco Island Resort and Golf Club for the 46th Grand Council Convention from August 7 through August 11th. The Convention Chairman was Mr. Paul Hiller (Pocono Grad). The convention was attended by 291 persons (164 collegiate brothers; 97 graduate brothers; 30 spouses & guests; and 10 children), making it the second largest attended Kappa Psi Convention on record. 


Program of Events

Saturday, August 7th
7:30am     Advisory Committee Breakfast
10:00am   Registration
9:00am    Exec. Committee Meeting
Noon     Exec. Committee Luncheon
1:00pm    Exec. Committee Meeting
6:00pm     Opening General Session
8:00pm     Welcoming Beach Party

Sunday, August 8th
8:00am    Registration
9:00am    Second General Session
Noon    Lunch (on your own)
1:00pm     Workshop I - The Ritual
2:45pm     Workshop II - History of Kappa Psi
4:00pm    CE Program I
7:00pm    Legislative Hearing
8:00pm     Benefactor's Reception
9:00pm    Desert Reception

Monday, August 9th
9:00am     Registration
9:00am    Third General Session
10:00am    Workshop III - Professional Projects
10:00am   CE Program II
11:00am    Workshop IV - Rushing, Pledging & Finance
Noon     Lunch (on your own)
1:00pm     Beach Olympics (bring your sunscreen)
7:30pm     Graduate Brothers Reception

Tuesday, August 10th
9:00am    Fourth General Session
10:00am   Workshop IV - The MASK
10:00am   CE Program III
Noon    Free Afternoon
7:30pm    Grand Council Deputy Reception

Wednesday, August 11th
9:00am     Fifth General Session
Noon     Lunch (on your own)
1:00pm     Sixth General Session
6:30pm     Alpha Chapter Reception
7:30pm     114th Anniversary Banquet

Thursday, August 12th
8:00am     Going Home Reception
10:00am   Exec. Committee Meeting
Noon     Exec. Committee Luncheon
1:30pm    Exec. Committee Meeting


Convention Summary 

Although the opening session of the 46th Grand Council Convention was slated to begin at 6PM on Saturday, August 7th, many brothers arrived later via plane and car by Friday evening in anticipation of a great time. No one was disappointed as a perfect combination of six general sessions chaired by Grand Regent Johnny Porter, beach activities, continuing education programs, and workshops were blended into a most enjoyable week.

Convention chairman and Grand Vice-Regent Paul Hiller engineered a thoroughly educational and enlightening week starting with the keynote address of Dr. Ken Kirk, Vice President for academic affairs, NACDS. The History of Kappa Psi by Dr. Dewey D. Garner was distributed as a convention favor and Dr. Garner held a special workshop to explain the process of documenting our history. Special resolutions were passed to express the gratitude of the Fraternity to Brother Garner for all his efforts in preparing this important part of our history.

The largest attendance of Brothers in recent history (291 registrants) participated in workshops with topics including The MASK, the Ritual, the History of Kappa Psi, Professional Projects, and Rush, Pledging and Finance.

Past Grand Regent Dr. Norman Campbell described the soon-to-be Kappa Psi Foundation. In addition to the Schering Report, two other continuing education programs were presented.

In addition to several special receptions that were held for fraternity benefactors, graduate brothers and Grand Council Deputies, impromptu beach parties, one highlighted by a meteor shower, were a nightly occurrence. Despite the clearness of the water, stepping on sting rays while walking in the water was a hazard that most brothers got used to.

Even though the beach olympic competition was rained out, the Volleyball tournament attracted a large crowd, watching the brothers jump, spin, hop and fall in the sand in the 100 degree Florida heat. Water skiing and boat rides were provided by brother Steve Naeger.

After the elections, the brothers attended the Alpha Chapter Reception followed by the 114th Anniversary and Awards Banquet. The banquet festivities included the recognition of the outstanding chapters from each Province, as well as the announcement of Delta Lamba as the Chapter of the Year.

Presentation of the Scholarship Tray was made to Psi Chapter at Tennessee. Just prior to the Closing Golden Bow Ritual, the newly elected brothers were inducted into their respective offices.

As brothers departed Marco Island, a feeling of renewed fervor for Kappa Psi accompanied most. The Executive Committee met immediately to implement resolutions approved by the assembly, to start preparations for the 47th Grand Council Convention and plan for the next year.

Continuing Education and Workshops 

C.E. I

Ethics & Pharmaceutical Law

Wiley Williams


New Drugs

Leonard Naeger


The Schering Report XIV


Workshop I

The Ritual

Christopher Woo

Workshop II

The History of Kappa Psi

Dewey Garner

Workshop III

Professional Projects

Michael Steffens

Workshop IV

Rushing, Pledging & Finance

Brian Furbush,

Jeffrey Sigler,

J. Michael Deweese

Workshop V

The Mask

Anthony Palmieri


International Officer Nominations 

Election winners in boldface 
(2) - Elected by acclamation 
(3) - Withdrawn (elected to another office) 
(4) - Withdrawn prior to voting at convention 
(5) - Withdrawn prior to convention 
(6) - Nomination from the floor 
(7) - Not in attendance at convention


Grand Regent

Grand Vice Regent

Paul Hiller

Peter Koo

Johnny Porter

Christopher Woo

John Grossomanides

Peter Koo

Grand Counselor

Grand Historian

Brian Furbush

John Grossomanides3

Craig Johnston

Christopher Woo

Andrew Morales

Leonard Naeger

Anthony Palmieri

Brian Reisetter

William Smith

Grand Ritualist

Graduate Member at Large

J. Michael Deweese

David Dunson

Craig Johnston

David Maszkiewicz

Andrew Morales

Anthony Palmieri

Brian Reisetter

William Smith

Michael Steffens

J. Michael Deweese

Cassandra Knoblauch

David Maszkiewicz

Michael Steffens

Lynette Weil

Wayne Walls

Collegiate Member at Large


Christina Askew

Scott Edmundson

Tim Eley

Jill Jacobek

Jeanne Lucich

Kim Rohrbacher

W. Tommy Smith



Awards Banquet Highlights Biennial Scholarship Lunch Highlights 

Frank H. Eby Award

David Dunson (Beta Rho)

National Scholarship Tray Award


Delta Lambda won the 1993 Outstanding Chapter Award.


Three constitutional changes were submitted, all dealing with expanding the Executive Committee from nine (9) members to either ten (10) or eleven (11) members. Proposed additions to the Executive Committee were the office(s) of Grand Council Deputy Member-at-Large and/or Chairman of the Advisory Committee. After much discussion, the general feeling was that the Executive Committee was doing an admirable job and additional members were not needed at this time. 


  1. WHEREAS, leadership of Kappa Psi involves a strong commitment of time, as well as personal sacrifice, and WHEREAS, Grand Regent Johnny W. Porter and the members of the Executive Committee have worked diligently to advance the Fraternity, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 46th Grand Council Convention in session assembled extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Grand Regent Porter and the Executive Committee for their contribution to our Beloved Order. PASSED
  2. WHEREAS, every effort has been made to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for the 46th Grand Council Convention, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 46th Grand Council Convention in session assembled extends its sincere appreciation to Brother Grand Vice-Regent, Paul J. Hiller, for his contributions to the success of the Convention. PASSED
  3. WHEREAS, hotel accommodations and meeting facilites are the key to a successful meeting, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 46th Grand Council Convention in session assembled acknowledge the efforts of the staff of the Marriott's Marco Island Resort and Golf Club in Marco Island, Florida for maintaining the services necessary for a successful Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  4. WHEREAS, attendance at the Grand Council Convention for both Collegiate and Graduate members provides for a renewed spirit of Kappa Psi, our exchange of ideas, and the election of our international officers, and WHEREAS, attendance at the 47th Grand Council Convention has the second largest attendance at Grand Council Conventions, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 46th Grand Council Convention in session assembled acknowledge the interest and efforts of all brothers who have gathered at Marco Island in support of Kappa Psi. PASSED
  5. WHEREAS, having a good knowledge of our rich heritage is a most wonderful thing for each brother to possess, and a source of sustaining strength for the entire Brotherhood, and WHEREAS, having the facts of our history and a lucid interpretation of them readily available to the Brotherhood is crucial to the long term survival of the Fraternity, and WHEREAS, the book, "The History of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity" as written by Brother Dewey D. Garner cannot begin to be adequately described by even the most glowing superlatives, BE IT RESOLVED, by this 46th Grand Council Convention of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity in plenipotentiary session assembled, that from this day forward, Brother Dewey D. Garner is hereby elected for life to the Honorary Office of Grand Historian Emeritus, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the proclamation of this election shall be made public wherever the words of Kappa Psi may be carried in recognition of this truly extraordinary brother, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a public recognition and presentation of this election shall be made at the Kappa Psi reception at the next APhA Convention. PASSED
  6. WHEREAS, the MASK is the official journal of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity and an important key link in communication with the Fraternity, and WHEREAS, Brother Anthony Palmieri III, since January 1980, has provided the Fraternity with his loyal service to consistently edit and publish each issue of The MASK with superior quality, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 46th Grand Council Convention in session assembled acknowledge the efforts of Anthony Palmieri III and thank him for his undivided love and devotion to Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity and his many years of service as Editor of the Mask.PASSED
  7. WHEREAS, attendance at a Grand Council Convention can be expensive, and WHEREAS, most collegiate brothers are financially dependent, BE IT RESOLVED, that this fact be taken into consideration by attempting to provide transportation between the airport and convention host facility. PASSED
  8. WHEREAS, the Marriott's Marco Island Resort and Golf Club downgraded reservations without the acceptance or compensation to its guests, and WHEREAS, several brothers attend the Grand Council Convention as their vacation, and hotel reservations are important to us, BE IT RESOLVED, that Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity never holds a convention at a Marriott or Marriott affiliated hotel or resort. FAILED
  9. WHEREAS, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. is a professinal fraternity, and WHEREAS, the 46th Grand Council Convention House Rule #8 states, "At all times during all meetings - those in attendance shall be sober and properly dressed.", BE IT RESOLVED, that all members in attendance shall dress accordingly at a minimum of dress shorts/skirt(s) and shirt(s) with sleeves, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the P****** (KY guards) will be responsible for upholding these minimum dress code standards and shall be reminded of this policy by a member of the Executive Committee. FAILED
  10. WHEREAS, the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, BE IT RESOLVED, that all members in attendance at General Sessions of a Grand Council Convention be dressed in professional attire to maintain the good image of Kappa Psi. FAILED
  11. WHEREAS, we have experienced the difficulty in keeping the candidates' responses to their five (5) minute limit and the subsequent consequences to our agenda, and WHEREAS, time cards are used in collegiate forensic and debate competitions, and by their widespread use show their usefullness in aiding the participants in pacing their delivery to meet their respective time constraints, BE IT RESOLVED, that the appropriate committee appoint a time-keeper who will hold up cards notifying the speaker when half-time, 1.0 minute, and 30 seconds of their alloted time is remaining in order to assist the candidate(s) in meeting their time constraints thus minimizing disruptions on the agenda. PASSED
  12. WHEREAS, the candidate forum is an important component of the election process, and WHEREAS, there were several candidates exceeding the allotted five (5) minutes for comments, BE IT RESLOLVED, that the five (5) minute time limit for candidate speeches be strictly enforced, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the candidates be advised by the moderator when there is one (1) minute of his/her time. FAILED
  13. WHEREAS, introduction responses by candidates for International Offices can be a lengthy process, and WHEREAS, candidate credentials are distributed prior to each Grand Council Convention in the MASK and the Convention Packet, BE IT RESOLVED, that candidates should be limited to voicing desired goals and/or changes they would like to accomplish if elected to their office. FAILED
  14. WHEREAS, the number of collegiate chapters in attendance is much lower than we would hope for, BE IT RESOLVED, that the newly elected Collegiate Member-at-Large conduct a phone survey of the collegiate chapters not in attendance to ascertain why they were not represented. PASSED
  15. WHEREAS, it is expensive to provide Constitutions to all people in attendance at a Grand Council Convention, and WHEREAS, shipping is time consuming and expensive, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Central Office provide one (1) Constitution per chapter in attendance. PASSED
  16. WHEREAS, the brothers of Kappa Psi understand the importance of Grand Council Deputies and realize their role in assisting chapter development. BE IT RESOLVED, the newly elected Grand Regent appoint an ad-hoc committee composed of Grand Council Deputies, one from each Province, to foster Grand Council Deputy involvement, and assist new Grand Council Deputies in their development. FAILED
  17. WHEREAS, graduate development must play a key role in the future of Kappa Psi as a means to not reach but exceed our goals, and WHEREAS, graduate brothers both present and future need further support and guidance to mainain our graduate chapters and to reach and discover their full potential fraternally and professionally, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Graduate Member-at-Large working in concert with the Graduate Development Committee, develop and present workshops and/or programs for the graduate brothers to assist them in meeting these aims, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the first of these programs/workshops be presented at the 47th Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  18. WHEREAS, the Constitution of Kappa Psi does not specify what organization a College of Pharmacy must be accredited by in order to establish a Kappa Psi chapter, and WHEREAS, the Chicago College of Pharmacy does not currently have its ACPE accreditation and will not be ACPE accredited for at least another two (2) years, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee of Kappa Psi shall determine if Kappa Psi should charter a new collegiate chapter at the Chicago College of Pharmacy. FAILED
  19. WHEREAS, Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional fraternity, and WHEREAS, Kappa Psi strives to promote leadership and schlorship at colleges of pharmacy internationally, BE IT RESOLVED, that Kappa Psi shall attempt to charter a new collegiate chapter at the Chicago College of Pharmacy. PASSED
  20. WHEREAS, the knowledge, competency, and dedication of the Grand Coucil Deputy to Kappa Psi can be a major factor towards the establishment and maintenance of strong and vital chapters in our Fraternity, and WHEREAS, the manner of initial selection, individual experience and training, ability to receive and transmit information between the Executive Committee and chapter members, and the quality of support vary so drastically within our Fraternity, BE IT RESOLVED, that beginning with the 46th Grand Council Convention, a position appointed by the Executive Committee be established (e.g., Grand Council Deputy Coordinator) for the purposes of coordinating, together with a committee of at least one (1) representative from each province, efforts towards these ends in addition to identifying/selecting suitable Grand Council Deputy candidates for pharmacy interested in activating/reactivating Kappa Psi chapters and existing (active) chapters needing a new Grand Council Deputy. FAILED
  21. WHEREAS, an increasing number of Colleges of Pharmacy are exclusively offering the entry-level Doctor of Phamacy Degree and enrollment into such programs are steadily rising faster than enrollment into baccalaureate programs, and WHEREAS, endorsement of the sole entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy has been made by many national pharmaceutical associations including APhA, ASHP, NARD, AACP, and the NABP, and WHEREAS, to the author's knowledge, no pharmaceutical fraternity has officially or positively endorsed this concept, BE IT RESOLVED, that an appropriate committee within the Fraternity draft an official statement endorsing the sole entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy degree, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that upon official adoption/acknowledgement of this statement, the Central Office distribute a news release to major Pharmaceutical associations. FAILED
  22. WHEREAS, one of the basic rights that Parliamentary Procedure is intended to ensure is for individuals to be involved in the decision making process, and WHEREAS, it is extremely important that each delegate understand what it is they're discussing and voting on, BE IT RESOLVED that one of the workshops at the 47th Grand Council Convention be on Parliamentary Procedure and especially Robert's Rules of Order. PASSED

Hotel and Convention Registration Rates 


Advanced Registration

On-site Registration













Marco Island Marriott Resort

Special Daily Hotel Rates





Towers Suite, 1 bedroom


Towers Suite, 2 bedrooms


Lanai Suite, 1 bedroom


Convention Favor(s) 


The History of Kappa Psi Book
Written by Dewey D. Garner


The brothers of Kappa Psi wish to extend a special thanks to the following companies for their support of the Grand Council Convention:

Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Burroughs Wellcome Company, Ciba-Geigy, Glaxo Inc. Corporate Sales, Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Lederle Laboratories, Marion-Merrell-Dow, Inc., Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation, Roerig & Pratt Pharmaceuticals' Division of Pfizer, Inc., Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Schering Laboratories / Key Pharmaceuticals, Schein Pharmaceutical, Inc., Sigler & Flanders, Inc., SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Syntex Laboratories, Inc., The Upjohn Company, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Group/Stuart Pharmaceutical, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals 

Webmaster's Note: This article was originally written by Brother Dr. E. Ben Welch, for the Kappa Psi website.