Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


53rd Grand Council Convention

Boston, Massachusetts
Tuesday-Sunday, August 7-12, 2007 

Convention Chairman

Mr. Sean Higgins

Hosted By

Mu, Boston Graduate

Host Hotel

Sheraton Boston


Total Attendance: 441
427 Brothers (278 Collegiates & 149 Graduates), 14 Guests
83 Chapters (52 Collegiate & 31 Graduate), 9 Provinces



Convention summary written by Dr. E. Ben Welch

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity held its 53rd Grand Council Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. The host hotel was the Sheraton Boston, located in the historic Back Bay neighborhood and adjacent to the Prudential Center and Copley Place Mall.

The Convention Chairman was Mr. Sean Higgins, Grand Vice Regent, and was hosted by Mu and Boston Graduate Chapters.

The history of Boston and the commitment to brotherhood enticed the largest number of brothers to gather for the 53rd GCC, breaking the previous record of 440 set in Myrtle Beach in 1983. Four-hundred forty-one brothers, spouses, children and guests were in attendance at the 53rd GCC. 


Convention Committees and Officials





** Denotes the Chairperson(s)

Continuing Education

Eric Gupta**, Scott Long


Michael Sherry**, Sandra Johnson, Jean Starvaggi

Golf Tournament

John Grossomanides**


David Dunson


Rebecca Fahrenbruch**


Scott Long**, Taffiney Sherril


Mike Starvaggi**, Tracy Anderson-Haag, Paul Cyprus, Rebecca Fahrenbruch, Jennifer Given, Christopher Miller, Erin Walsh


Taffiney Sherril**, Robert Magarian


Bonita Rathi**, Meghan Sullivan** , William Anctil, Lindsey Ghiringhelli, Kurtis Brandt, April Middendorf, Elizabeth Poole, Adele Reichel, William Shealy, Derek Stranton, Kyle Zaffino


Scott Long


Cameron Van Dyke**, Kristl Tom

Convention Program

Tuesday, 7th
8:00am - 4:00pm Executive Committee Meeting
9:00am - 6:00pm Registration
5:00pm - 7:00pm Opening General Session I - Grand Ballroom
7:30pm - 10:00pm Welcoming Reception
Wednesday, 8th
8:00am - 6:00pm Registration
8:00am - 9:00am Spouse and Children's Breakfast
8:30am - 10:45am Second General Session - Grand Ballroom
10:45am - 11:00am Coffee Break
11:00am - Noon Workshop I - Residencies/Interview Skills
11:00am - Noon Continuing Ed I - Contributing Factors & Current Treatment Approaches in Substance Misuse - Dr. Scott Long
1:00pm - 4:00pm Chapter Sales & Exhibition Fair
1:00pm - 2:00pm Workshop II - Ritual Workshop
1:00pm - 2:00pm Continuing Ed II - History of Medication Therapy Management and Disease State Management - David Dunson
2:00pm - 3:00pm Workshop III - Risk Management/Hazing
2:00pm - 3:00pm Continuing Ed III - Breast Cancer Treatments in 2007 - Dr. Paul Knecht
3:00pm - 4:00pm Workshop IV - Conflict Resolution
3:00pm - 4:00pm Continuing Ed IV - Asthma Guidelines: New & Improved for Better Patient Control - Dr. Jenny Donaldson
6:30pm - 8:00pm Graduate/Benefactor Reception - Back Bay A
8:00pm - 10:00pm Ice Cream Social - Back Bay A & B
Thursday, 9th
8:00am - Noon Registration
8:30am - 11:30am Third General Session - Grand Ballroom
10:00am Coffee Break
12:30pm - 2:00pm Scholarship Luncheon - Back Bay A & B
2:00pm - 2:30pm 53rd G.C.C. Group Photograph
2:30pm - Free time
6:00pm - Round Table Discussion - Back Bay Complex
8:00pm - 10:00pm GCD Reception
Friday, 10th
8:00am - 1:00am Registration
8:00am - 8:30am Breakfast - Liberty A
8:30am - 10:00am Fourth General Session - Grand Ballroom
10:00am - 11:30am Legislative Hearing - Grand Ballroom
Noon - 1:00pm Workshop V - Central Office Operations: "You're Role" - Grand Ballroom
Noon - Foundation Golf Tournament/Dinner - Brookline Golf Club
Noon - Free time
Saturday, 11th
8:00am - 11:00am Registration
8:00am - 8:30am Breakfast
8:30am - 11:30am Fifth General Session - Grand Ballroom
11:30am - 1:00pm Lunch on your own
1:00pm - 5:00pm Sixth General Session/Election & voting - Grand Ballroom
7:00pm - 8:00pm Alpha Reception - Liberty Complex
8:00pm - Midnight 126th Anniversary Banquet - Grand Ballroom
Sunday, 12th
9:00am - 5:00pm Executive Committee Meeting - Beacon A


Convention Summary

Tuesday's opening evening session began with the opening Ritual and the tying of the Golden Bow by Grand Ritualist Andrew Frasco. This was followed by the keynote address by Brian Reisetter, who talked about financial responsibility. Convention Chair Sean Higgins then informed the brothers that the Kappa Psi webpage would be updated daily to reflect the preceding days events along with the upcoming schedule. Grand Regent Dave Maszkiewicz made committee announcements, which was followed by a welcome from Mu Chapter Regent Chris Nadeau. Grand Counselor Becky Fahrenbruch then went over the house rules. Dr. Robert Magarian then introduced the candidates for International Office who were given 5 minutes each for their opening remarks. As a side note, the microphone went dead in the middle of E. Ben Welch's speech. Following the candidates speeches, Dean Emeritus, Dr. Benjamin R. Hershenson, gave a short speech on the history of Mu Chapter and his involvement with the chapter. The Opening Reception was held in the Back Bay rooms and during the reception, the raffle program began.

Wednesday's session started with a breakfast for the spouses and children. The brothers heard the various Executive Committee Members' reports along with several committee reports. There were two large projection screens set up for showing any Power Point presentations and/or general information that would be helpful to the brothers. The afternoon was dominated with Collegiate workshops and four C.E. programs for the graduates. The evening held the Graduate and Benefactor reception which was then followed by the Ice Cream Social.

Thursday saw the completion of the committee reports along with reports from the Provinces. Following the morning session, the Sixth Biennial Scholarship Luncheon was held. A group picture was then taken in the hallway between the Sheraton and the Prudential Building. The remainder of the afternoon was free until 5pm when the Roundtable Discussion were held. Graduate brothers from various pharmacy disciplines were available at tables and answered questions about their field from the undergrads who attended. This was very well attended and will probably become a permanent event at future conventions. Following this, the reception for the GCDs was held which coincided with the Second Texas Hold'em Tournament.

Results of the Second Biennial Foundation Texas Hold'em Tournament 

First Place

Danielle "The Enforcer" Wright

Highest Hand Winner

Steve Murray

Gave Highest Donation

Jean Starvaggi

Total amount of donations raised for the Foundation: $1,084 from 55 players

Friday morning saw the final reports given and the Legislative Hearing was conducted. The Foundation Golf Tournament was also held this afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was off-and-on showers, but this did not deter the teams. Following the Legislative Hearing, the Central Office held a workshop entitled "Your Role", in which the undergrads were shown exactly what their roles were in helping the Central Office run smoothly. Following this, the Executive Director's staff handed out the reimbursement checks to the collegiate delegates. The remainder of the day was free.

You could feel the excitement building on Saturday morning as the brothers attended General Session V, which meant the elections were only a few hours away. The various Constitutional amendments were voted on, with some passing, some failing and some being tabled and referred back to the Legislative Committee. Following the amendments, the Resolutions were brought forward, again with the majority passing. Lunch was on your own and the majority of brothers went in to the Prudential Plaza area and ate at the Food Court.

The 6th and last General Session started back at 1:15pm with the major focus being the election of new International Officers. During the elections, raffle numbers were called out and several announcements concerning the Good of the Order were presented. Following this session and starting at 7pm, was the Alpha Reception, which was then followed by the 128th Anniversary Banquet. The presentation of the monies raised for M.S. was presented, along with the quilt. Following this present ion, many awards were given out, including letters of commendation to Mr. Craig Burkin, International Webmaster, Dr. Kristl Tom, Web Services Coordinator, Michael Cournoyer, Regent of Boston Grad, and Chris Nadeau, Regent of Mu Chapter.

Then the outgoing Grand Regent, Dave Maszkiewicz, gave his remarks and then installed the new officers. The newly installed Grand Regent, Dr. Lawrence "LB" Brown, gave a short speech and general outline for the upcoming two years. The brothers then went back into the foyer to retake another group photo. The brothers were then entertained by a local DJ.

Continuing Education and Workshops 

C.E. I

Contributing Factors and Current Treatment Approaches in Substance Misuse

Scott Long


History of Medication Therapy Management and Disease State Management

David Dunson


Breast Cancer Update: 2007

Paul Knecht


Asthma Guidelines: New and Improved for Better Patient Control

Jennifer Donaldson

C.E. V


Marquette Hardin

Workshop I

Residencies and Interviewing Skills

Tracy Anderson-Haag,

Rebecca Fahrenbruch,

Adam Gregg

Workshop II

Ritual Workshop

Andrew Frasco

Workshop III

Risk Management and Hazing


Gamma Theta

Workshop IV

Conflict Resolution

Angela Vinti


International Officer Nominations

Election winners in boldface 
(2) - Elected by acclamation 
(3) - Withdrawn (elected to another office) 
(4) - Withdrawn prior to voting at convention 
(5) - Withdrawn prior to convention 
(6) - Nomination from the floor 
(7) - Not in attendance at convention


Grand Regent

Grand Vice Regent

Lawrence Brown

Sean Higgins

David Maszkiewicz4

Rebecca Fahrenbruch

Claudio Faria

E. Ben Welch

Grand Counselor

Grand Historian

Louis Diorio

Claudio Faria

Andrew Frasco

E. Ben Welch3

Peter Brody

Louis Diorio

Kali Weaver

Melissa Hunt

Cameron Van Dyke

Daniel Welch

Grand Ritualist

Graduate Member at Large

Michael Cournoyer

Eric Gupta

Kali Weaver3

Matthew Lacroix

Melissa Hunt

Peter Brody

Michael Cournoyer

John O'Dwyer

Cameron Van Dyke4

Daniel Welch

Collegiate Member at Large


Sanaz Farhadian

Brian MacDonald

Christopher Miller


Elected on first ballot: Lawrence Brown, E. Ben Welch, and Melissa O'Neill 
Elected on second ballot: Andrew Frasco, Peter Brody, and Brian MacDonald 
Elected on fifth ballot: Kali Jernigan 

     Sixth Biennial Scholarship Lunch Highlights

Frank H. Eby Award

Brian MacDonald (Beta Epsilon)

Grand Council Deputy Award

Peter Brody (Gamma Iota)

Frank H. Eby Scholarship Tray Award

2006: Beta Kappa
2007: Delta Rho

Nicholas W. Fenney Industry Scholarship Award

2006: Gamma Iota
2007: Epsilon

William R. Smith Most Improved Chapter

Beta Lambda

Rho Chapter won the 2006 William R. Smith Most Improved Chapter Award.


Top Ten Collegiate Chapters, 2006-07

Top Collegiate Chapters by Province, 2006-07

Top Graduate Chapters, 2006-07


  1. Beta Kappa
  2. Epsilon
  3. Gamma Kappa
  4. Psi
  5. Delta Epsilon
  6. Delta Omicron
  7. Gamma Phi
  8. Gamma Epsilon
  9. Mu
  10. Delta Zeta

Province I: Mu 
Province II: Beta Kappa 
Province III: Delta Kappa 
Province IV: Gamma Phi 
Province V: Beta Upsilon 
Province VII: Psi 
Province VIII: Epsilon 
Province IX: Gamma Nu 
Province X: Delta Mu


  1. Minnesota Graduate
  2. Providence Graduate
  3. Saint Louis Graduate
  4. Boston Graduate
  5. Buffalo Graduate
  6. Iowa Graduate
  7. Columbus Graduate
  8. Central Michigan Graduate
  9. Illinois Graduate



Article III - Membership 
008. Sec. 2. No person eligible for membership in Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated may be excluded from membership for reason of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion or national origin or gender. PASSED

Article III - Membership 
014. Sec. 8. Graduate Chapters shall accept for membership Graduate Members from any Collegiate Chapter. Graduate Chapters may elect to membership any graduate of a recognized School or College of Pharmacy as defined in the Constitution, provided such individual is not, and never has been, a member of another pharmacy fraternity, and further provided that the preceding clause will allow admission to membership persons of now defunct alternative fraternities organized because of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national origin, who has not been rejected by any Chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated. PASSED

Article VI - Chapters 
019. Sec. 1. Collegiate and Graduate Chapters may be established in any city or limited area of the United States, Canada, or other countries. Graduate Chapters shall be named after the city, limited area, or country in which they are established. PASSED

Article XIV - Official Badges and Insignia 
034. Sec. 1. The following items comprise the official badges and insignia of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated: The Badge, the Sweetheart Pin, the Pledge Button, the Lapel Letter Button, the Recognition Button, the Henry J. Goeckel Grand Council Scholarship Key, the Asklepios Key, Pennant, and the Coat of Arms. PASSED

By-Law II - Dues and Assessments 
048. Sec. 2. Each Collegiate Member shall pay Grand Council Dues of five dollars (U.S.) ($5.00) per month, but not to exceed forty dollars (U.S.) ($40.00)per collegiate year. These Grand Council Dues shall be used as follows: seventy-five cents (U.S.) ($0.75) per month, but not to exceed six dollars (U.S.) ($6.00) per collegiate year to the Grand Council Convention Fund; four dollars and twenty-five cents (U.S.) ($4.25) per month, but not to exceed thirty-four dollars (U.S.) ($34.00) per collegiate year to the General Fund. PASSED

By-Law III - Discipline 
065. Sec. 12. The accused, as a last resort, may appeal to the Grand Council in session assembled. The parties may be represented in person or by brief. A simple majority vote is necessary to either sustain or reverse the Chapter's decision. The opinion of the Grand Council shall be final. PASSED

By-Law III - Discipline 
067. Sec. 14. The Grand Council shall have the power to expel Members of inactive Chapters. To suspend or expel a Member who is not associated with a collegiate or graduate chapter must lay written charges before a Judiciary Committee. This Judiciary Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the Grand Regent. This Committee may exercise the authority herein granted upon its acknowledge and without citation. If the Committee finds that the facts sustain the charge or charges, it shall endorse the charges as being true and return them to the Grand Council. WITHDRAWN

By-Law IV - Chapters 
069. Sec. 2. All graduate brothers in good standing, residing within the province of the proposed graduate chapter or a brother graduating from a collegiate chapter within that province, who express interest to any member of the proposed group via electronic, written or verbal form to participate as a charter member shall be a member of the charter of such chapter. WITHDRAWN

By-Law IV - Chapters 
070. Sec. 3. Upon approval of the proposed Chapter's proposed Local Chapter Ordinances, the Executive Committee shall be notified by the Executive Director of the Application for Charter, and shall be requested to vote upon same. Three-fourths (3/4) approval of the Executive Committee members voting shall be required for granting a Charter. Neither the Executive Committee nor the Grand Council shall give consideration to new or reactivated chartering requests during a Grand Council Convention year from the period beginning 60 days before the GCC through the close of the GCC WITHDRAWN

By-Law VII - Officers of the Grand Council Election and Duties 
079. Sec. 1. The Executive Director shall notify each Chapter at least eight (8) months prior to the Grand Council Convention that the Nominations Committee is prepared to receive nominations. Any Chapter may nominate for any or all of the Grand Officers, Graduate Member-at-Large, and Collegiate Member-at-Large and shall forward the same, certified by the Regent and Secretary, to The Central Office by the earlier of January 24th, or at least six (6) months prior to the first day of the Grand Council Convention. PASSED

By-Law VII - Officers of the Grand Council Election and Duties 
080. Sec. 2. The Executive Director shall notify each member of the office for which nominated. A member becomes a candidate for office only upon acceptance of nomination for that office and may not be a candidate for more than two (2) offices at any Grand Council Convention. Acceptance of nomination must be made by the earlier of March 1st, or at least four (4) months prior to the first day of the Grand Council Convention. PASSED

By-Law VII - Officers of the Grand Council Election and Duties 
082. Sec. 4. To be eligible for nomination as a Grand Officer or Graduate Member-at-Large, a person must have been a Member of the Fraternity for at least two (2) years and have paid graduate assessment dues for the year including the Grand Council Convention no later than March 1st. To be eligible for nomination as Collegiate Member-at-Large, a person must have been a Member of the Fraternity for at least six (6) months prior to nomination, and when elected have at least one (1) academic year of study remaining before graduation from a School or College of Pharmacy. PASSED

By-Law VII - Officers of the Grand Council Election and Duties 
092. Sec. 14. Should the office of Grand Regent become vacant, for any reason, the Grand Vice Regent shall fill the unexpired term of office. The Grand Vice Regent shall assume the duties of the Grand Regency during any temporary disqualification of the Grand Regent. Should the Grand Vice Regent be unable or refuse to serve under these circumstances, the Executive Committee shall fill the vacancy from among the Grand Officers and a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote shall be needed to electPASSED

By-Law XI - Official Insignia, Badges, Et Cetera 
122. Sec. 1. The authorized Badge of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated shall be the shape of a rhombus, having black enameled center of like shape though smaller in size; the remaining portion of the surface being of un-enameled gold. Upon the black enameled surface shall be a mask, through which the eye and nose appear, the whole figure (of mask, eyes, and nose) being made of gold raised above a black enameled surface. Above the figure shall be the Greek letter "KAPPA" and below the Greek letter "PSI", both being also gold inlaid in the black enameled surface. In the eye sockets and along the gold border surrounding the black enameled surface are set jewels as may be appropriate. The Badge shall be worn on the vest or shirt, one inch medial (toward the center) and on the plane with the left nipple. The Badge shall not be worn on the coat, tie, or in any other location. PASSED

By-Law XII - Publications 
153. Sec. 16. THE POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL shall be posted on the International Webpage to allow for simplified updating and shall be edited and/or revised by the Executive Committee. PASSED

By-Law XIII - Awards, and Honors, Honorary or Service 
167. Sec. 14. There shall be available a "FRANK H. EBY SCHOLARSHIP TRAY AWARD" which will be awarded to the Collegiate Chapter with the highest grade point average based on their membership and their school grading system. The calculations are based on a formula designed by the Chapter Awards Committee,and approved by the Executive Committee. The cost of such Tray shall be assumed by the Fraternity. PASSED

Uniform Collegiate Chapter By-Law V - Qualification, Election and Installation of Officers 
C08. Sec. 1. The nomination and election of Officers shall occur annually, as stipulated in By-Law XVII, Ordinance 5; these Officers shall serve until their successors are duly installed, unless removed from Office as stipulated in these By-Laws. All Officers shall be selected from the Collegiate Membership of the Chapter, with the exception of the Grand Council Deputy (Chapter Counselor), who shall be a Graduate Member of the Fraternity. No Member shall be elected or installed unless in good academic standing and in good standing with the Chapter. No Member shall retain an Office if placed on academic probation, or suspended. A Member in arrears may discharge his obligation any time prior to election, thus becoming eligible to vote and hold office. Officers shall be chosen by secret ballot except in the case where there is only one (1) candidate nominated, in which instance the Regent may declare the candidate elected by consent.PASSED

Uniform Collegiate Chapter By-Law VI - Duties of Officers 
C17. Sec. 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of the names and addresses of all Members of Alpha Chapter, all Members of the Province Executive Committee (in which the Chapter is located), and all Members of the Chapter; keep accurate records of the proceedings of all Chapter Meetings; receive and preserve for the record the written reports of all Officers and committee chairmen; incorporate into the record all data generated by the Fraternity Ritual of Initiation; attend to all correspondence of the Chapter; submit to The Central Office, on time, all reports required by the Executive Director; report all newly elected Members to The Central Office within seven (7) days after initiation; report all newly elected Chapter Officers to The Central Office, giving: name, office, e-mail address, home and school addresses, and home and school telephone numbers, within seven (7) days after election, indicating the effective date of installation; and perform all such other duties as are required by virtue of said office, the Constitution and By-Laws of the Fraternity, the By-Laws and Ordinances of the Chapter, or custom may attach to the Office. PASSED

Uniform Collegiate Chapter By-Law VII - Committees and their Duties 
C28. Sec. 1. The Chapter shall have the following standing committees; Executive, Judiciary, Legislative, Scholarship, Graduate Relations, Social, and Risk Management. PASSED

Uniform Collegiate Chapter By-Law VII - Committees and their Duties 
C39. Sub-Sec G. The Risk Management Committee shall review the International Kappa Psi Risk Management policy and manual. The Committee shall review and implement the chapter's Risk Management Policy. The committee shall educate the members about the risk management policy and ensure all chapter functions are in compliance. PASSED

Uniform Province By-Law V - Composition of the Province Assembly 
P22. Sec. 9. The Province shall provide a forum in which the Grand Council Deputies (Chapter Counselors) may meet for the purpose of discussion and free exchange of ideas. PASSED


  1. WHEREAS, the members of the Executive Committee have dutifully served this Fraternity for the past two years, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the 53rd Grand Council extends it appreciation to the Executive Committee for their diligence and dedication. PASSED
  2. WHEREAS, an incredible effort has been made to provide an enjoyable experience at the 53rd Grand Council Convention, and, WHEREAS, the Convention Chairman and Committee have devoted significant time and energy toward planning this event, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Brotherhood extends their thanks and appreciation to Brother Sean Higgins and his committee for their efforts. PASSED
  3. WHEREAS, through the numbers present at the Grand Council Convention, the Brothers have demonstrated their dedication to Kappa Psi, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, we thank all those in attendance at the 53rd Grand Council Convention in Boston, Massachusetts for their continuing commitment to Kappa Psi.PASSED
  4. WHEREAS, the support of spouses, significant others, children, and family members for the brothers of Kappa Psi is essential, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, that Brothers of Kappa Psi extend their thanks, love, and appreciation to those who support the Fraternity. PASSED
  5. WHEREAS, the hotel accommodations and meeting facilities are the keys to a successful meeting, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, that the 53rd Grand Council acknowledges the hotel staff's efforts at the Sheraton Boston Hotel as well as the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. PASSED
  6. WHEREAS, Taffiney Sherril devotes extensive time and energy to make the Grand Council Convention run smoothly and, WHEREAS, the Brothers of Kappa Psi all benefit from her devotion, hard work and efforts, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Executive Committee provide her a token of appreciation to thank her for all of her dedication. PASSED
  7. WHEREAS, organizing registration and distribution of program materials and Grand Council delegate packets are essential to a successful convention, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council Convention extend its gratitude to Meagan Nalley and LaQuanette Graves. PASSED
  8. WHEREAS, celebrating a chapters 100th year anniversary with the Grand Council is a special milestone in history, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council congratulate the brothers of Mu Chapter.PASSED
  9. WHEREAS, being a host chapter for the 53rd Grand Council Convention is greatly appreciated and involves a great amount of time and devotion, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council recognizes and thank the brothers of Mu and Boston Graduate Chapter. PASSED
  10. WHEREAS, planning of the Kappa Psi Foundation Golf Tournament and Raffle is hard work and benefits the Kappa Psi Foundation by adding money to the scholarship fund, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, Brothers Grossomanides, Rathi, Starvaggi, Fahrenburch, Giunta and Committees are recognized for their time and dedication to the Kappa Psi Foundation.PASSED
  11. WHEREAS, any contribution toward improving socialization and fellowship during the Grand Council Convention benefits the brotherhood as a whole, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council thank Brothers Brett and Bonita Rathi for devoting their time and energy in organizing the Second Kappa Psi Texas Hold'em Event and raising monies for the Kappa Psi Foundation. PASSED
  12. WHEREAS, the Kappa Psi Website is an incredible tool for communication among Kappa Psi Brothers, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council thanks Dr. E. Ben Welch for his extraordinary vision on the creation of the Kappa Psi Webpage and Dr. Craig Burkin and Dr. Kristl Tom for all of their hard work and dedication on improving the webpage. PASSED
  13. WHEREAS, a number of chapters may be interested in hosting a Grand Council Convention, and the cost of the Grand Council Convention is generally not known and, WHEREAS, accountability concerning where the convention money is spent is important to the brothers, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Executive Director prepare an income/expense statement for this Grand Council Convention and send each chapter a copy by March 31, 2008, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, an income/expense statement be prepared for all subsequent Grand Council Conventions and mailed to the chapters no later than six (6) months following the Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  14. WHEREAS, attending the Grand Council Convention is a tremendous learning experience, and WHEREAS, recognition for accomplishment is important, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, Kappa Psi and the Executive Committee establish an award for the Collegiate Chapter who brings the greatest percentage of brothers to each Grand Council Convention. PASSED
  15. WHEREAS, the Grand Council Convention provides networking opportunities for all brothers, and WHEREAS, Continuing Education is provided and greatly appreciated, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council thank and acknowledge the Continuing Education speakers -- Dr. Scott Long, Mr. David Dunson, Dr. Paul Knecht, Dr. Jenny Donaldson, Dr. Marquette Hardin, and Dr. Eric Gupta -- and corporate sponsors -- Schering and Sanofi Aventis. PASSED
  16. WHEREAS, with the new Pharma Rules there opens new avenues for funding through industry, including applications for Continuing Education grants, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, these new avenues be explored by the next Grand Council Convention Planning Committee. PASSED
  17. WHEREAS, recognizing brothers with the Golden and Silver Mortar Certificates are an honor and exemplify our motto that "Kappa Psi is for Life", BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Executive Committee consider recognizing brothers who have been with us for 75 years with a Platinum Mortar Certificate. PASSED
  18. WHEREAS, the Grand Council Convention is the most important event in the like of Kappa Psi and, WHEREAS, the Order of Business to be conducted is of great importance to the future of Kappa Psi, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, at all future Grand Council Conventions, the printed Grand Council Convention Program include a detailed outline of events to include, but not limited to, the Order of Business times, places, speakers, and events. This is in addition to any audio/visual used during the sessions. PASSED
  19. WHEREAS, the Duck Tour is a historical symbol of Boston, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the "Duck Bill" be the official noisemaker of the 53rd Grand Council Convention. FAILED
  20. WHEREAS, the Kappa Psi brothers from Michigan get fifteen feet of snow at home and are still freezing in the Grand Ballroom, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, we request more accommodating temperatures in the meeting rooms for future Grand Council Conventions. FAILED
  21. WHEREAS, underage Kappa Psi brothers often have difficulty attending nighttime Kappa Psi events, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Grand Council Convention Planning Committee encourage events to accommodate those brothers who are underage. PASSED
  22. WHEREAS, it appears that the number of new initiates is staying fairly constant, even with the increase in the number of new chapters chartered, and over 50% of our operating budget depends on initiation money and collegiate dues (2004-05 data), BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Executive Committee set up a special committee to look at the top ten chapters regarding the number of new initiates, poll them f