Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

57th GCC

The 10th biennial Scholarship and Awards Luncheon was Thursday afternoon. Many Brothers and chapters were recognized for their hard work over the 2014-15 academic year.


2015 Top Chapters of Kappa Psi


Beta Kappa – University of Pittsburgh (Mountain East)

Epsilon Mu – University of Florida Orlando (Southeast)


Beta Epsilon – University of Rhode Island (Northeast)


Beta Chi – Drake University (Northern Plains)


Epsilon Gamma – Western University (Pacific West)


Chi – University of Illinois Chicago (Mid America)


Gamma Phi – University of Georgia (Atlantic)

Delta Upsilon – Palm Beach Atlantic University (Southeast)


Gamma Delta – Ohio Northern University (Great Lakes)


Beta Psi – University of Wisconsin (Northern Plains)


Gamma Zeta – Samford University (Gulf Coast)


Delta Kappa – Howard University (Mountain East)


2015 Top Performing Chapters

Beta Lambda – University of Toledo

Beta Xi – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Beta Phi – University of Cincinnati

Delta Gamma – Auburn University

Delta Zeta – University of Iowa

Delta Theta – Texas Southern University

Delta Lambda – Campbell University

Delta Omicron – Wilkes University

Delta Omega – South University

Gamma Kappa – South Dakota State University

Gamma Psi – Mercer University

Epsilon Beta – University of the Incarnate Word

Epsilon Eta – LECOM – Bradenton School of Pharmacy

Epsilon Pi – Idaho State University – Meridian

Zeta Gamma – University of Florida - Jacksonville

Zeta Delta – University of South Florida


2015 Nicholas W. Fenney Industry Improvement Award

Delta Zeta – University of Iowa (Northern Plains)


2015 Frank H. Eby Scholarship Tray Award

Beta Xi – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (Atlantic)


2015 William R. Smith Most Improved Chapter Award

Epsilon Theta – Sullivan University (Great Lakes)


2015 Top Ten Graduate Chapters of Kappa Psi










District of Columbia


St. Louis










2015 Most Improved Graduate Chapter



2015 Grand Council Deputy Outstanding Achievement Award

Gary Van Riper (Gamma Kappa)


2015 Grand Council Deputy Certificate of Excellence

Jennifer Carrillo (Zeta Gamma)

Abraham Duncan (Gamma Phi)

Eric Gupta (Epsilon Gamma)

Jonathan Hamrick (Gamma Psi)

Lori Joas (Beta Psi)

Porscha Johnson (Delta Kappa)

Harry Patrick Marcelin (Epsilon Mu)

Linda Ngo (Delta Phi)

Latha Radhakrishnan (Chi)

Louis Williams (Delta Delta)


Since 1995, the Kappa Psi Foundation, Inc has awarded 148 scholarships to Brothers from 50 different chapters totaling $194,000.


2015 Kappa Psi Foundation Scholarship Winners

Kayla Rackow (MME)

Rebecca Mousseau (Pfizer)

Alastair Hay (NPP)

Megan Dunlop (Grossomanides)

Ashley Covert

Jerica Singleton

Brittany McNure

Kyle Brown

Michelle Leatherwood

Zachary Miller

Fernando Diggs


Following the luncheon, Brothers gathered outside of the hotel for a group photo before returning to the meeting room to start General Session II. The first legislative session was held and Officer Reports were given. Editor of the Mask Cameron Van Dyke gave a presentation entitled “The Mask: Understanding its importance and tips for submission”. Committee reports were available online and the committee chairs highlighted their reports. The day concluded with chapter sales, exhibit hall, and career roundtables.


Candy Ng PharmD, BCPS presented Friday’s CE topic “Antipsychotics Use in the Hospitalized Patient – A Review for the General Pharmacy Practitioner”. General Session III began with a plenary session “Substance Abuse: It’s Our Problem”. Brother Ryan Gries, PharmD gave a moving testimonial regarding substance abuse and recovery. Sheila Botts, PharmD, FCCP, BCPP gave the expert testimonial. A review of the alcohol and substance abuse policy was given prior to the legislative hearing. Province reports were then given and general session II adjourned. 


While our guests were enjoying an afternoon tea at the Brown Palace Hotel, the first “Leaders and Legends in Kappa Psi” discussion panel was held.

The panel consisted of Past Grand Regents – Lawrence “LB” Brown, Norman Campbell, William Fitzpatrick, Brian Furbush, John Grossomanides, Anthony Palmeri, Johnny Porter, Brian Reisetter, Kenneth Roberts, Kali Weaver, and Patrick Wells – and Past Executive Directors – Donald Floriddia and Robert Magarian. The panel gave the Brothers insight on the past, present, and future of Kappa Psi. They showed us that Kappa Psi is truly for life. While the professional accomplishments of our Brothers are noteworthy, it was the emotional remembrances of Brothers who have joined the Grand Agora that demonstrated how much the Brotherhood has meant to our legends and leaders.


Following the discussion panel, province caucuses were held and the Foundation Poker Tournament, organized by James Wall (Gamma Nu), was played Friday evening. The winners of the tournament were 1st place Luke Weaver (Epsilon Sigma), 2nd place Austin Lam (Gamma Nu), and 3rd place Jarod Dainoviec (Zeta Beta). Through various fundraisers during the week, the Foundation received $9440 in donations.


The CE topic “Review of Non-Sterile Compounding” was presented on Saturday by speaker Kirsten “Kasey” Tobbe PharmD. General Session IV was called to order and the final legislative session was held. During General Session V, the election of the 2015-2017 International Officers was held. 


Candidates for International Office

Grand Regent

Latha Radhakrishnan1

Grand Vice Regent

Christy Askew

Robert Mancini4

Harry Marcelin


Grand Counselor

Christy Askew4

Robert Mancini3

Marvin Smith

Grand Historian

Melissa Buchanan5

Paul Knecht

Harry Marcelin

Jason Milton


Grand Ritualist

Travis Crawford

Porscha Johnson

Paul Knecht

Jason Milton4

Michael Starvaggi


Graduate Member at Large

Travis Crawford

Porscha Johnson

Samantha Schmidt

Marvin Smith

Michael Starvaggi5

Collegiate Member at Large

Allie Fay

Karen Hoang5

Dylan Krawczyk

Zachary Rivers



(1) Elected by acclimation

(2) Elected on second ballot

(3) Withdrawn (elected to another office)

(4) Elected on first ballot

(5) Elected on third ballot


2015-2017 International Executive Committee

Grand Regent – Latha Radhakrishnan

Grand Vice Regent – Robert Mancini

Grand Counselor – Christina Askew

Grand Historian – Melissa Buchanan

Grand Ritualist – Jason Milton

Graduate Member at Large – Michael Starvaggi

Collegiate Member at Large – Karen Hoang


The 135th Alpha Chapter Anniversary Reception and Banquet was held Saturday night. Our newly elected officers were installed and Grand Ritualist Jason Milton untied the Golden Bow. After a week full of education, business, fellowship, and excitement, Brothers returned to their respective chapters to share how they reached new heights in Denver.




Members (*chair)


Continuing Education

David Maize*, John Grossomanides


Derrick Egi*, Belma Muharemovic, Gregory Zumach


Saswat Kabisatpathy


Latha Radhakrisnan


 Wendy Flores, Korin Kenneybrew


Ravi Bacchus* (Epsilon Mu), Kyle Brown (Gamma Psi), Mari Cid (Epsilon Psi), Alex Ham (Epsilon Pi), Todd Harris (Beta Rho), Hal Hocker (Upsilon), Matthew Lacroix (Maine Grad), Ina Liko (Chi), Joe Nardolillo (Beta Epsilon), Demitrius DJ Onuaguluchi (Delta Eta), Vicky Shah (DC Grad), and Zach Usztok (Zeta Gamma)


Johnny Porter


Legislative Highlights

Amendments to the Constitution:

I. Amendment to Article I, Section 1 (003) – Kappa Psi Official Name - FAILED

II. Addition to Article III, a section 9 (TBD) – Auxiliary Organizations Statement - PASSED

III. Amendment to Article IX, Section 1 (026) – Members of the Grand Council (NEW to GS-3) - PASSED

IV. Amendment to Article XV, Section 1 (035) – Publications (Proposal #3 en bloc) - PASSED

V. Amendment to Article XVII, Section 1 (037) – GCC Quorum (Proposal #4 en bloc) - FAILED


Amendments to the By-Laws:

VI. Amendment to By-Law V, Section 2 (075) – Proxies to the Grand Council (Proposal #4) - FAILED

VII. Amendment to By-Law V, Section 3 (076) – Proxy & Reimbursement (Proposal #4) - FAILED

VIII. Amendment to By-Law V, Section 4 (077) – Proxy Forms (Proposal #4) - FAILED

IX. Amendment to By-Law VI, Section 1 (078) – GCC Fund & Proxies (Proposal #4 en bloc) - FAILED

X. Addition to By-Law XII, a section 17 (TBD) – Webpage Publication & Webmaster (Proposal #3) - PASSED

XI. Amendment to By-Law XIII, Section 13 (168) – Nicolas W. Fenny Industry Scholarship Award - PASSED

(Proposal #5 en bloc)

XII. Elimination of By-Law XIII, Section 14 (169) – Scholarship Award Calculation (Proposal #5) - PASSED

XIII. Amendment to By-Law XIII, Section 15 (170) – Scholarship Honor Certificate Definition - PASSED

XIV. Amendment to By-Law XIII, Section 16 (171) – Scholarship Tray Calculation – PASSED


Amendments to the Uniform Collegiate Chapter By-Laws:

XV. Amendment to By-Law VI, Section 13 (C27) – Chapter Proxies (Proposal #4) - FAILED


Amendments to the Uniform Graduate Chapter By-Laws:

XVI. Amendment to By-Law VI, Section 10 (G24) – Chapter Proxies (Proposal #4) – FAILED


Amendments to the Uniform Province By-Laws:

XVII. Amendment to By-Law III, Section 1 (P05) – Province Dues Deadlines (Proposal #8 en bloc) - PASSED

XVIII. Amendment to By-Law III, Section 2 (P06) – Province Dues Deadlines (Proposal #8) - PASSED


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