Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity


The modern incarnation of Kappa Psi came into being at the close of the 16th Grand Council convention, with Pharmacy keeping Kappa Psi and the medical fraternity reorganizing under the banner of Theta Kappa Psi. Many of the older leaders, and members of the prep school chapters chose to remain affiliated with the pharmaceutical fraternity most notably W. Eldridge Jr and A. Richard Bliss Jr.

The fraternity had a sharp growth period until the start of the great depression. 3 Grand Council conventions were postponed during the years of the depression with several chapters going dormant with the rough financial times. The 1941 Grand Council was important as it was the first official Grand council since 1928 and would be the only Grand Council due to US travel restrictions during World War II. 1943 was the year of smallest intake of new members in Kappa Psi history with only 91 new initiates. Only 17 chapter were documented as remaining active During WWII though the ending of the war would see the next period of growth within the fraternity. The returning of American forces would lead to 38 chapters attending the 1947 Grand Council. The number of chapters in the fraternity stabilized after a spat of closing schools in the early 70’s.

The early 70’s brought some tough financial times along with major change in fraternity structure. With the passage of Title IX, Kappa Psi debated at the 38th GCC to bring Kappa Psi into line with this new federal law as a co-educational professional group. Kappa Psi slowly returned to financial stability.

Kappa Psi has enjoyed a rapid growth period since the mid 90’s with the explosion of new colleges of pharmacy. Kappa Psi Has maintained its leadership role in the profession of pharmacy as the new colleges have offered the opportunities of our brotherhood to our newly created colleges. Kappa Psi has over 90 collegiate chapters and over 60 graduate chapters active in the United States, Canada and the Bahamas.