Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Society Kappa Psi: 1879-1898


The professional fraternity which is known today as the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc., was founded on May 30, 1879, at the Russell Military Institute, a family institute for boys in New Haven, Connecticut. Its founder was F. Harvey Smith and it was known as “Society Kappa Psi.” A second chapter was established at the Cheshire Military Academy, located at Cheshire, Connecticut, on November 30, 1879. These two chapters were no longer in existence when a third chapter was formed at Hillhouse Academy in New Haven, Connecticut, on October 7, 1894. Hillhouse was withdrawn on June 30, 1895.


Although Kappa Psi was conceived as a local prep school fraternity, the idea of a national organization developed in the minds of several members as these three chapters had been organized, Russell, Cheshire, Hillhouse. On December 10, 1895, alumni members of the three chapters organized a temporary, nonaffiliated Greek letter chapter which they named Alpha Chapter. F. Harvey Smith was elected as Grand “A” and Preston W. Eldridge, Jr., was elected as Grand “O.” There are few records of the early meetings and other activities of Alpha Chapter as it existed during the period 1895-1898.