Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Photography Guidelines for The Mask
Please note that as of Autumn 2007, the Executive Committee has approved a picture policy that governs use of Fraternity-related photos in the public domain.
If submiting digital photos for inclusion in The Mask, please use the highest resolution setting on your camera as possible. Please do not submit color laser-proof photos or color photocopies to The Mask as photographs. They are created with a disublimation process that does not scan clean. The photo will probably not make it into The Mask.
When choosing to mail pictures to the Editor, ask yourself the following:
1. Does the photo communicate quicker, stronger, better or more eloquently that a simple sentence could describe? 
2. Does the photo have visual content, or stop short at story elevation? 
3. Does the photo go beyond the trite and the obvious? 
4. Does the photo contain essential information to help the reader understand the story? 
5. Does the photo have enough impact to move the reader? 
6. Is the photo clean, interesting, and well-composed enough to stand on its own? 
7. Does the caption information answer who, what, when, where and why, along with other required information? 
8. Are both the photo and the caption information objective and accurate accounts of what happened? 
9. Is the photo mindless documentation? 
10. Does the photo communicate effectively? Photos should either move, excite, entertain, inform or help the reader understand a story.
The Mask Photography - Requests from the Editor
1. Identify people and chapters 
2. Proofread before submitting 
3. NO sexist photos 
4. NO alcohol in photos 
5. NO esoteric pictures 
6. If the photo is not clear, it will not be used 

7. Any photos may be cropped