Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Constitution and Local Ordinances
The first Kappa Psi Constitution was adopted on December 2, 1905 at the 8th Grand Council Convention in New York City. The Constitution is usually updated through legislation proposed every two years at our Grand Council Conventions.
Local Ordinances for Chapters and Provinces

The Kappa Psi Constitution provides a uniform set of by-laws to govern all of our chapters and provinces. These uniform by-laws can be found in the Constitution books distributed to our brothers and may be downloaded below.
As part of By-Law XVII of the Uniform Collegiate and Uniform Graduate Chapter By-Laws and as part of By-Law XIII of the Uniform Province Chapter By-Laws, individual chapters and provinces may pass a set of amendments to the uniform by-laws. This set of amendments is known as the chapter or province local ordinances.
To create a new set of local ordinances, the easiest way may be to review the uniform bylaws first and note where your chapter or province functions differently, and thus where an amendment is necessary. Use the templates for creating local ordinances found on the 'templates' page to fill-in your amendments.
For the formal process of how your chapter or province should approve your local ordinances, please refer to the uniform by-laws. For chapters, please see Uniform Collegiate (or Graduate) Chapter By-Law XVI. For provinces, please see Uniform Province By-Law XII. Upon approval by your chapter or province, please submit your chapter local ordinances in an electronic format to the Grand Counselor for approval.