Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

The Legislative Committee has created Uniform By-Law Templates for Collegiate Chapters, Graduate Chapters, and Provinces.  They can be found below.  Please read the instructions on how to use and edit the different parts of the template.



Uniform Collegiate Chapter Template      Link to File Here   - DOCX file                                            
Uniform Collegiate Chapter By-Laws Guide (powerpoint)      Link to File Here   - PPTX file 
Uniform Graduate Chapter Template      Link to File Here  - DOCX file
Uniform Graduate Chapter By-Laws Guide (powerpoint)      Link to File Here   - PPTX file 
Uniform Province Template      Link to File Here  - DOCX file
Uniform Province By-Laws Guide (powerpoint)      Link to File Here   - PPTX file 


Instructions for Using the Uniform By-Law Templates

1)      The following templates have been created by the Legislative Committee of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. to help Chapters & Provinces create new by-laws or update their by-laws and ensure compliance with standard formatting and content.

2)      The template has restricted formatting, the areas amenable to editing are highlighted in light yellow. Only those sections may be edited.

3)      There are three primary editable sections

a.      Fill in the blank sections (applies to dates, titles and other rates) which looks like this [       ]. To edit this section, simply click inside the box and start typing.

b.      Editable drop down menus which looks like this:

In order to edit this section, you may either edit the original text that is currently highlighted or you can select from the drop-down box the “No-Additions” language or other language that may be amendable in this section.



Fixed drop down menus which allow you to select a fixed option, such as:


4)      Run through the entire document and be sure to address every highlighted section along the way.

5)      Special sections

a.      For the officer and committee duties, there are extra spaces available where you can chose to add subsections. If there is no need to add the subsections, leave them blank and they can be deleted later.

b.      For Amendments, there is a dual modification section. For the first section, you can chose to modify the section if changes are warranted, otherwise you remove the section by selecting the blank from the drop-down menu. The second section needs to be edited for specifics at the local level and has the blank text field.

6)      Completing the form

a.      Since this is a read only form, when you hit save it will require you to save as a separate document. Save this to your local hard drive to save the template version.

b.      The best way to complete the form is to select all text (either by highlighting or by hitting “CTRL + A.” This will allow you to save the whole text. Then, open a new word document and paste “CTRL + V.” This will create a final, clean copy that can be further edited if the template prevented any required editing.

c.       Send the final word document to the Grand Counselor for approval.