Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a Dynamic Process Involving the Following:

  1. Identification of Exposure to Loss
  2. Analysis or Evaluation of Exposure to Loss
  3. Elimination / Avoidance or Reduction of Exposure to Loss
  4. Reanalysis of Reduced Exposure to Loss
  5. Assumption or Transfer of Exposures
  6. Monitoring of Results & Adjustments

Kappa Psi Risk Management Policy

Kappa Psi Risk Management Procedures

Kappa Psi Risk Management Forms/Templates

Risk Management For Pledging Updates (2017)

Risk Management Case Scenarios

"Hazing Hurts" - videos

"Don't Play Doctor" video

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Hazing Alternatives

The James R. Favor and Company, LLC 

Risk management may be defined as taking appropriate measures to minimize the risk to assure the safety and well-being of members and non-members interacting with a chapter, province or the Fraternity in anyway.