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August 1st

58th Grand Council Convention

Naples Grand Resort

Naples, Florida

September 4th

Labor Day Holiday

Central Office Closed

September 7th

PFA Annual Meeting

Sheraton Downtown


September 22nd

Southeast Province Meeting

Zeta Gamma


September 22nd

Southwest Province Conclave

Epsilon Epsilon

Corpus Christi

September 29th

Great Lakes Province Meeting

Gamma Delta

Findlay, Ohio

October 6th

Mountain East Province

Epsilon Omicron

Buffalo, NY

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Welcome to the official website of
Leaders in Pharmacy, Excellence in Life
The oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity in the world
Kappa Psi was founded on May 30, 1879 in New Haven, Connecticut, and currently there are 191 chapters (110 Collegiate and 81 Graduate chapters), more than six thousand collegiate members, and over eighty seven thousand graduate members across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas.
The objectives of Kappa Psi include:
  • To conduct a professional fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of its members;
  • To develop industry, sobriety, and fellowship;
  • To foster high ideals, scholarship, and pharmaceutical research;
  • To support all projects which will advance the profession of pharmacy and to actively participate in them;
  • To inspire in its members a deep and lasting pride in their Fraternity and in the profession of pharmacy;
  • To render such other services to its members and its profession feasible and in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the Fraternity.
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GCC Justification Letter and Brochure - Read More


Below are links to the justification letter and brochure for the upcoming Grand Council Convention:

Justification Letter (docx)

Brochure (PDF)

2017 GCC Travel Reimbursments - Read More
GCC Chapter Reimbursments    
Chapter Name Home City            NAPLES 2017    
Epsilon Minneapolis,MN   $332.00    
Theta Richmond,Va   $332.00    
Iota Charleston,Sc   $422.00    
Mu Boston,Ma   $347.00    
Nu Storrs, Ct   $292.00    
Xi Columbus,Oh   $349.00    
Pi West Lafayette,In   $423.00    
Rho Lawrence,Kn   $305.00    
Sigma Baltimore,Md.   $489.00    
Upsilon Lexington,Ky   $328.00    
Chi  Chicago,Il   $421.00    
Psi Memphis,Tn   $553.00    
Beta Gamma San Francisco,Ca   $403.00    
Beta Epsilon Kingston,RI   $333.00    
Beta Eta Morgantown,Wv   $333.00    
Beta Kappa Pittsburgh,Pa   $462.00    
Beta Lambda Toledo,Oh   $525.00    
Beta Nu Omaha,Nb   $393.00    
Beta Xi Chapel Hill,Nc   $580.00    
Beta Omicron Seattle,Wa   $593.00    
Beta Pi Pulman,Wa   $421.00    
Beta Rho Oxford,Ms   $563.00    
Beta Sigma Fargo,Nd   $349.00    
Beta Upsilon Indianapolis,In   $388.00    
Beta Phi Cincinnatti,Oh   $480.00    
Beta Chi Des Moines,Ia   $478.00    
Beta Psi Madison,Wi   $347.00    
Beta Omega Philadelphia,Pa   $336.00    
Gamma Delta Ada,Oh   $525.00    
Gamma Epsilon Omaho,Nb   $479.00    
Gamma Zeta Birmingham,Al   $806.00    
Gamma Eta Missoula,Mt   $423.00    
Gamma Theta Kansas City,Mo   $551.00    
Gamma Kappa Brookings,Sd   $316.00    
Gamma Lambda Boston,Ma   $633.00    
Gamma Nu Stockton,Ca   $465.00    
Gamma Xi Columbia,Sc   $539.00    
Gamma Omicron Oklahoma City,Ok   $429.00    
Gamma Pi St. Louis, Mo   $493.00    
Gamma Rho Albuquerque,Nm   $200.00    
Gamma Sigma Gainesville,Fl   $317.00    
Gamma Upsilon Tuscon,Az   $275.00    
Gamma Phi Athens,Ga   $299.00    
Gamma Chi Big Rapids.Mi   $275.00    
Gamma Psi Atlanta,Ga   $299.00    
Gamma Omega Little Rock,Ar   $539.00    
Delta Beta Weatherfrord,Ok   $275.00    
Delta Gamma Auburn,Al   $299.00    
Delta Delta Houston,Tx   $333.00    
Delta Epsilon Pittsburgh,Pa   $462.00    
Delta Zeta Iowa City,Ia   $478.00    
Delta Eta New Orleans,La   $431.00    
Delta Theta Houston,Tx   $333.00    
Delta Iota Tallahassee,Fl   $477.00    
Delta Kappa Washington,DC   $238.00    
Delta Lambda Buies Creek, Nc   $580.00    
Delta Mu Victoria,BC,Canada   $536.00    
Delta Nu Downers Grove,Il   $421.00    
Delta Xi Winchester,Va   $323.00    
Delta Omicron Wilkes-Barre,Pa   $439.00    
Delta Pi Amarillo,Tx   $520.00    
Delta Rho Ft.Lauderdale, Fl   $150.00    
Delta Sigma Glendale,Az   $442.00    
Delta Tau Henderson,Nv   $475.00    
Delta Upsilon West Palm Beach,Fl   $150.00    
Delta Phi La Jolla,Ca   $481.00    
Delta Chi Portland, Me   $418.00    
Delta Psi Duluth,Mn   $597.00    
Delta Omega Savannah,Ga   $440.00    
Epsilon Beta San Antionio,Tx   $530.00    
Epsilon Gamma Pamona,Ca   $554.00    
Epsilon Delta Oakwood,Va   $465.00    
Epsilon Epsilon Kingsville,Tx   $557.00    
Epsilon Zeta Johnson City,Tn   $465.00    
Epsilon Eta  Bradenton,Fl   $125.00    
Epsilon Theta Louisville,Ky   $477.00    
Epsilon Iota Rancho Cordova,Ca   $465.00    
Epsilon Kappa Nashville,Tn   $348.00    
Epsilon Lambda Nashville, Tn   $348.00    
Epsilon Mu Orlando, Fl   $225.00    
Epsilon Nu Eastern Shore,Md   $410.00    
Epsilon Xi Hillsboro,Or   $532.00    
Epsilon Omicron Buffalo, Ny   $351.00    
Epsilon Pi Boise, Id   $622.00    
Epsilon Rho Chicago, Il   $421.00    
Epsilon Sigma St. Petersburg,Fl   $125.00    
Epsilon Tau Abilene, Tx   $695.00    
Epsilon Upsilon Chicago, Il   $421.00    
Epsilon Phi Columbia,Sc   $422.00    
Epsilon Chi Salt Lake City, Ut   $495.00    
Epsilon Psi Hilo, Hi   $1,320.00    
Epsilon Omega North Chicago, IL   $421.00    
Zeta Beta Bangor, Me   $537.00    
Zeta Gamma Jacksonville,Fl   $368.00    
Zeta Delta Tampa, Fl   $125.00    
Zeta Epsilon Rootsville, Oh   $269.00    
Zeta Zeta New York, NY   $325.00    
Zeta Eta Denver, CO   $487.00    
Zeta Theta Mequon, WI   $410.00    
Zeta Iota Hartford CN   $292.00    
Zeta Kappa Huntington, WV   $378.00    
Zeta Lambda Ft. Worth, TX   $379.00    
Zeta Mu Springfield, MO   $516.00    
Zeta Nu New York, NY   $325.00    
Zeta Xi Knoxville, TN   $299.00    
Zeta Omicron Roseman, UT   $495.00    
Zeta Pi New York, NY   $325.00    
Zeta Rho Suwanee, GA   $299.00    
Zeta Sigma Clovis, CA   $645.00    
Zeta Tau irvine, CA   $559.00    
Mu Omicron Pi Detroit,Mi   $315.00    


58th GCC Registration Now Open - Read More

Dear Brothers, 


On behalf of the International Executive Committee, I am pleased to announce that registration for the 58th Grand Council Convention (GCC) in Naples, FL is now live. 


You can register for GCC at this link:

You can register up to 6 guests at a time. For Brothers whose spouses or significant others are also Brothers, each one will have to register separately. NOTE: Brothers may not register as guests.


Registration pricing for the 58th GCC are as follows Collegiates/Graduates/Spouses, Significant Others, and Children 13yo+:
Early Bird (before 5/13/2015): $275/$350/$225
Standard Registration (5/13 - 6/23): $300/$375/$250
Late Registration (6/24 – 7/21): $375/$450/$300
On-site Registration: $425/$525/$350

Children age 5-12yo will be $100, and children <5yo will be free. It is important that registrants be categorized correctly at the time of registration as this will affect what is included in their registration.


Registration is non-refundable. Included on the registration page is the tentative agenda. More information will be forthcoming on the national Kappa Psi website.


Hotel Information: 
Naples Grande Beach Resort Guest Room costs are as follows: 
Standard Tower Room $154/night (rooms guaranteed in the conference block).

Garden Villa Suites at $194/night (first come, first serve based on hotel availability)

Gulf View Tower Suites at $354/night (first come, first serve based on hotel availability)

(All rates are quoted for single/double occupancy, additional $10 per person per room night will be charged for triple/quadruple occupancy).

A link to register for a guest room at the Naples Grande Beach Resort can be found on the registration page (if you go to the above link).

Please note: There are a LIMITED number of Garden Villa Suites and Gulf View Tower Suites that may be accessed via the hotel reservation link. These rooms are not guaranteed and are on a first come, first serve basis based on hotel availability, so earlier booking is encouraged. Each reservation (for all rooms) requires a first night deposit.


Should you all run into any problems registering or have questions, please direct those to me at 

Please join the Brotherhood as we “Preserve our Future” in Naples, FL.



Robert Mancini
Grand Vice-Regent 2015-2017

58th Grand Council Convention Chair

CDC Newsletter Issue 2 - Read More

Since chapter elections only happen once a year, it can be easy to forget election procedure, what needs to be done in the weeks leading up to elections, and what should be done post-elections. Transitioning roles is key to ensuring that next year’s executive board is ready to continue on the legacy of your chapter. Read on in the CDC's second newsletter to make sure you and your chapter are prepared to take on these new responsibilities!


The Spring 2017 Issue of The Mask - Read More


Below is a link to the full issue of The Mask for Spring 2017. Inside, you will find all the details about the upcoming Grand Council Convention in Naples, Florida. 
Please take special note of the candidate biographies. These are your candidates for the 58th Grand Council Convention. You are advised to closely review these biographies with your chapter prior to the GCC.
Here is a link to just the biographies as a PDF.
Editor of The Mask of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity
Mr. Cameron Van Dyke, RPh.


58 GCC Site Announced - Read More
The 58th Grand Council Convention will be held August 1st-6th, 2017 in beautiful Naples, Florida, also known as the Paradise Coast. The host hotel is the Naples Grande Beach Resort ( at a fantastic nightly rate of $154 + tax. More information will be forthcoming, but in the meantime here is a teaser video to get you excited to attend, so start saving up and fundraising for your chapters!
Collegiate Committee Newsletter #1 ​Effective Meetings - Read More
Dear Brothers,
I'm pleased to announce that the Collegiate Development Committee (CDC) will be releasing a 1-2 page PDF newsletter each month with information pertinent to collegiates. One of our charges is to create a collegiate chapter manual. However, after some reflection, we realized that many of you will not be inclined to read a lengthy document. We hope that these small snippets of information will be read and used to benefit your chapters. If you have any ideas on topics that you would like to see in the future, please e-mail them to Without further ado, here's our first newsletter on running an effective meeting!
Intro to How to Hold an Effective Chapter Meeting: Running meetings can be tough. You’re trying to start on time, complete the ritual, get dozens of people to pay attention, have officer/chair reports run smoothly, and allow healthy discussion, all while ensuring that everyone gets out on time for their next class or study session. It’s definitely not an easy task and sometimes, it can drive you a little crazy. Not only does the Regent work hard to maintain order in a meeting, but all Brothers should also be active participants in the meeting. Read on for some tips on how to keep the crazy to a minimum and make sure your meetings are as effective as possible, no matter where you may sit in the room.

Link: Collegiate Committee Newsletter #1 (Effective Meetings)
Other newsletters can also be found under the "History/Publications" menu.

The Collegiate Development Committee


GoToWebinar subscription - Read More
Dear Brothers,
The Collegiate Development Committee (CDC) is excited to announce that the Fraternity has purchased a GoToWebinar subscription!
What does that mean for you? With this new service, Brothers will be able to communicate more effectively with other Brothers from anywhere. You can utilize this service to give presentations complete with handouts, surveys, and polls (like the CDC's Webinar series) and hold conference calls where users have the ability to share their screens with each other, all through your computer or through a phone app.
How do you take advantage of this service? Here are the steps you need to take:
1) Look at this Google Calendar ( and see what times are available for you to schedule your conference call/presentation.
2) E-mail top three time and date preferences to the Collegiate Member at Large ( The CMAL will e-mail you back to confirm your slot and will set up the call/presentation. The CMAL will also ask you for details (e.g. if there will be any polls that need to be set up, who will need the webinar invite, etc.).
3) Familiarize yourself with how to use GoToWebinar by looking at resources, such as training videos and documents, available at these links:
The CMAL is also available to guide you through the process and can do a test run with you if needed.
That's it! I hope you take advantage of this great service that many other pharmacy organizations already utilize! Please e-mail any questions, feedback, comments, or suggestions to
Karen Hoang, PharmD
PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Resident
University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy/Rite Aid Corporation
659 Salk Hall
3501 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Newest Kappa Psi Collegiate Chapter- Zeta Tau - Read More
Dear Brothers,
It is my pleasure to announce the Chartering of the Zeta Tau Chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. at Chapman University School of Pharmacy in Irvine California. The Chartering Ceremony will take place on January 6, 2017.  If you are interested in attending the Chartering, please contact Immediate Past Grand Regent, Eric Gupta ( or GCD (and PGR), Dr. Lawrence "LB" Brown ( for more details regarding the ceremony. Should you wish to send letters of congratulations, please send them to Brother Eric Gupta. 



Latha Radhakrishnan, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP
Grand Regent, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc.


Newest Kappa Psi Graduate Chapter- Hawaii Graduate - Read More
Dear Brothers -
It is with great pleasure to announce the Chartering of a new Graduate Chapter! The Hawaii Graduate Chapter will be chartered Friday, March 3rd 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you are interested in attending, please contact Brother KristiAnne Nishek ( I encourage Brothers to send letters of congratulations to Brother Nishek or Grand Vice-Regent, Robert Mancini (  Congratulations to the Brothers of Hawaii Graduate Chapter!
Latha Radhakrishnan, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP
Grand Regent, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc.


2016 Kappa Psi Foundation Scholarship Winners - Read More

Kappa Psi Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2016 Scholarship Recipients 

Thanks to your donations, the following Scholarships were distributed by the Foundation for 2016

 Pfizer Scholarship ($2000) 
Alan R. Patterson, North Dakota State University, Beta Sigma
Reisetter /MME Scholarship ($2000)
Patrice H. Davis, The University of Illinois at Chicago, Epsilon Rho
NPP 99’ers Scholarship ($2000)  
Alexandrea Ham, Idaho State University, Epsilon Pi 
Grossomanides Family Scholarship ($1000)      
Jordann K. Kunkel, University of Iowa, Delta Zeta

Additional Kappa Psi Foundation Scholarships ($1000 each)
Kandon P. Render, Mercer University, Gamma Psi 
Chandler D. Schexnayder, Xavier University of Louisiana, Delta Eta 
Jeremy J. McLemore, Howard University, Delta Kappa
Alexis E. Schrieber, Drake University, Beta Chi 
Samantha L. Powell, South University, Delta Omega 
Kayla M. Hill, Belmont University, Epsilon Kappa 
Kenneth Martey, University of South Florida, Zeta Delta
Christina Tran, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Ctr, Delta Pi 

The Foundation has distributed 181 scholarships totaling $233,000 to deserving brothers whose qualifications are reviewed by a group of members of the Foundation Board.  Those deserving brothers have utilized these monies to assist in paying for their education, and many have contributed to the Foundation after receiving their degrees.  


2015 -2017 Executive Committee - Read More

Grand Regent - Latha Radhakrishnan

Grand Vice Regent - Robert Mancini

Grand Counselor - Christy Askew

Grand Historian - Melissa Buchanan

Grand Ritualist - Jason Milton

Graduate Member at Large - Mike Starvaggi

Collegiate Member at Large -  Karen Hoang

Past Grand Regent - Eric Gupta

Executive Director - Johnny W. Porter

     Kappa Psi Pharmaceutival Fraternity

     2060 N. Collins Blvd., Suite 128

     Richardson, TX 75080-2657



Risk Management Case 1 Spring 2016 - Read More

Risk Management Scenario Spring 2016:

Imagine a Spring weekend after midterms. Only a few Brothers remain around campus for the weekend. Two Brothers, Cadet and Russell, arranged a gathering at one of their houses and invited other Brothers on the Chapter’s Facebook page to enjoy some grilling and drinking beer. As the night starts off, it is fairly low-key. People are tossing bags, listening to music, and hanging out. Around 9 pm, other people started showing up, and the gathering starts to get cramped and loud. By 10 pm attendees decided to move the party a couple miles away to the downtown strip of bars. Brother Cadet chose to drive a few people since “he’d only had a couple beers.”

On the way, Brother Cadet incidentally rear-ended a car in front of him, barely making contact. No one seemed terribly hurt, but the accident was reported and Brother Cadet blew a 0.1 when the police gave him a breathalyzer test. The police arrested him for a DUI. Come Monday morning, he was fearful of what the State Board and his college might do with him. He asked all his friends not to say anything until he could figure out what he needed to do.

Option 1: After much debate, Brother Cadet sought out advice from his GCD. Dr. Hands listened carefully and recommended he seek legal advice, and report the arrest as was necessary with the State Board and College statutes. Dr. Hands also inquired about the event, Brother Cadet’s history of drinking and driving, and whether drinking was an issue. He informed Brother Cadet that he would be inquiring to others present regarding the event. A short few days later, Dr. Hands discussed with his Chapter Executive Board regarding the event being posted on Facebook, Brothers not choosing to get a cab or Uber and what could have happened if something more serious occurred. He asked for a report to be completed and submitted to the College and Kappa Psi Central Office detailing what happened and the Chapter’s action plan to prevent future incidents. Dr. Hands tasked the Chapter Sergeant-at-arms and Risk Management Committee to develop a presentation to be delivered to the Chapter and Province levels on what a “Kappa Psi Party” may look like, the gray line between official and unofficial gatherings, and how to effectively mitigate future risks. Brother Cadet ended up needing to navigate many hurdles as he worked himself back into a favorable position with the College and the Board of Pharmacy and Legal system, but his Brothers were walking with him every step of the way.

Option 2: After much debate, Brother Cadet asked everyone to stay quiet about the incident. However, one of the passengers in the car he rear-ended sought medical attention with neck issues. She underwent months of therapy and pursued legal action. The passenger was frustrated by what she saw as a bunch of fraternity kids running amuck. The College administration found out about the accident the same day the lawsuit was filed. Dr. Hands, the GCD, was shocked when the Dean approached him about the incident. Dr. Hands promised full cooperation with the College. After some investigation, Dr. Hands found out details of the night leading up to the accident including the intentional hiding of information by some of his Chapter’s Executive Board. Dr. Hands kept hearing over and over again from the Brothers he interviewed that “it wasn’t a Kappa Psi party”, “We’ve done these parties before”, “Brother Cadet wasn’t drunk” ,and “It wasn’t our place to stop him from driving”. Dr. Hands immediately reached out to the Grand Regent/Central Office. He expressed his struggle with obtaining information from the Brothers as well as the pending college and legal involvement. The Grand Regent stated the Executive Committee would get involved with the serious nature of this occurrence. Brother Cadet has found himself treading through serious legal matters, issues from the State Board and College from a lack of reporting a serious incident, and consequences of Chapter repercussions.

Questions to discuss:

1. Does this type of gathering violate Kappa Psi’s Risk Management Policy? Why or why not? a. What should have been done to prevent this type of occurrence?

2. If a Brother knows of a potential violation, are they required to come forth? Should they come forth?

3. What were the pros and cons of each of Brother Cadet’s options? Could there have been an alternative?

4. When incidents occur, who should be told? At what point should the GCD be approached?

5. Could this happen at your Chapter? If so, what can your Chapter do to minimize the risks of such an incident?